AB de Villiers blames himself for pressure on Dewald Brevis; Reveals tips for struggling hitters

Dewald Brevis, AB de Villiers

Former South Africa cricketer AB de Villiers has spoken about the valuable advice he shared with Dewald Brevis, who is struggling with his form in SA20 2024. De Villiers revealed that he told the young batsman to keep his head up as he is close of its best level.

Mumbai Indians’ Cape Town batsman Dewald Brevis has struggled to get going in the ongoing SA20. The batsman has not been able to score runs because he has sported a torrid touch and it seems that he has no idea about the pitchers’ questions.

Dewald Brevis, promoted as Baby AB de Villiers, has been going through a rough patch in recent months. In the ongoing tournament, he scored only 28 runs in four games. The batsman has the highest score of just 10 so far, which speaks for the struggles of him.

AB de Villiers, who has mentored Dewald Brevis, revealed that he texted the young sensation and told him to be positive, thinking one ball at a time. He added that the right recognized him with the heart emoji. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, he explained:

“I texted him last night and said, ‘You’re close! Keep your head up. Keep moving forward one ball at a time. He replied, “I will.” Thank you very much’ with a heart emoji.”

AB de Villiers believes Dewald Brevis seems to be in a bit of a hurry and admitted that the batsman has a lot of weight on his shoulders thanks to him. He feels that promoting him as Baby AB has put a lot of pressure on the young batsman. He added:

“He (Brevis) is in a bit of a hurry. He is a young man and it is understandable. He has a lot of weight on his shoulders, in large part thanks to me. Very sorry. All these people paying so much attention to him adds to the pressure. He knows how fickle the game of cricket is. “It’s all about millimeters.”

Rickelton left me speechless – AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers was also blown away by Mumbai Indians’ young Cape Town batsman Ryan Rickelton. He said the batsman took his cricket to the next level and hailed him as South Africa’s superstar. He explained:

“He (Rickelton) blew me away. I didn’t see this coming. He knew that he was a consistent player in domestic cricket, but the way he bats, he has taken his cricket to the next level. A superstar for South Africa and I hope some IPL teams have realized his ability to win matches.”

Ryan Rickelton has been the best batsman in the SA20 league so far. The batsman has scored 337 in just four matches at an average of 112.33. He has scored four consecutive fifties in the tournament. In the last game against Paarl Royals, he scored 94* and helped his team win the game while chasing 173 runs.