Babar: As long as Fakhar was there, we could have chased 450

Babar: As long as Fakhar was there, we could have chased 450

Pakistan captain Babar Azam believes that as long as Fakhar Zaman was batting on Saturday, “they could have even chased 450” against New Zealand in Bengaluru. Speaking in an internal PCB video, Fakhar and Babar spoke about their unbeaten 194-run partnership in which Pakistan posted 200 for 1 in just 25.3 overs before rain ended the game, giving Pakistan a 21-run win by the DLS method. . Pakistan were originally 402 to win in the 50 overs.

“My view was that as long as Fakhar was there, we could have even chased 450,” the Pakistan captain said. “When he plays innings like this, we win 90% of the games. After every six I told him, ‘don’t force the issue.’ He said it was fine, but then he ignored me and started hitting sixes anyway. So I told him I said to him, ‘Do what you want, but don’t go out.’ [It’s] one of the best entries I’ve ever seen.”

While the prospect of rain had been hanging around all day, it had not materialized until midway through the second inning. New Zealand piled up 401, their second-highest ODI total, before a brief rain interruption delayed the start of the chase. But according to Babar, Pakistan approached the chase with the belief that the game would go down to the wire.

“We didn’t have rain in mind at all,” he said. “But the clouds suddenly appeared, and then we started calculating the DLS and we wanted to stay that way at all times. We were trying to keep the wickets in hand and I was trying to go deep. Fakhar was using the short boundary while I held one end up and we We made sure not to let the speed of execution get out of control.

Fakhar praised the wicket as “excellent for batting”. He stopped short of calling it his best innings, reserving it for his 193 against South Africa at the Wanderers in 2021. But the value of an innings in which he smashed an unbeaten 126 for 81 was not lost on him; he hit more sixes in that innings than any Pakistani in the entire World Cup. And it meant Pakistan stayed alive, becoming just the second team to win an ODI after conceding more than 400 runs in the first innings.

“Of all the wickets we have played in this World Cup, this was the best,” Fakhar said. “It was clear from the second over that the wicket was excellent for batting. If Southee and Boult are not swinging the ball, you know the wicket is excellent for batting. After four overs or so, any little swing there was also It evaporated, and that gave me even more freedom.

“This is a World Cup innings, so it might be one of my favourites. It still doesn’t beat the 193 I scored at the Wanderers, because it’s the fastest wicket in the world and Asian players struggle there, but this innings and the “The situation in which I scored my runs made me very happy.”