“Dedicated 3-month window…”: Michael Vaughan’s unique suggestion to save Test cricket

Michael Vaughan on saving Test cricket

Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan has shared a unique suggestion on how the International Cricket Council (ICC) can save Test cricket. He believes there should be a three-month window for the longest format of the game.

There has been a lot of concern about the future of Test cricket over the last few years. The increasing advent of T20 leagues around the world has put serious scrutiny on the longest format of the game and it will not be a surprise if the format disappears in the next decade.

Compared to previous times, there has been a very small amount of Test cricket, as there are now more T20 leagues around the world. It is fair to say that Test cricket has now become a luxury that only the big three of India, England and Australia can afford.

The other teams around the world have been playing less Test cricket and, in addition, cricket boards are also prioritizing leagues over the longer format of the game. This was evident when South Africa named a third team for the Test series in New Zealand. First-choice players would ply their trade in SA20.

Not only this, many young players, who have played around 5 Test matches, have announced their retirement from the format to focus on T20 cricket. This has raised a lot of concerns about the future of Test cricket and many pundits have raised their voices.

Michael Vaughan said there should be Test cricket for three months a year and that will be the only way to protect Test cricket. Taking his X account of him, he explained:

“A dedicated 3-month window for Test cricket each year, for both men’s and women’s teams, is the only way to protect the best format. No other cricket except Test around those 3 months, the other 9 months for all ICC league events.”

Barring Michael Vaughan, MCC president Mark Nicholas also wants separate window for Test cricket

Apart from Michael Vaughan, MCC president Mark Nicholas also believes that the ICC should maintain a separate window for Test cricket. He also understands the threat of T20 cricket and suggested:

“I think Test cricket will have to find windows. Since franchise tournaments continue to almost hijack the game, in a way, and then demand ransoms, probably the best thing everyone can do is find a couple of windows a year, maybe Christmas and New Year’s in January, June and July, maybe time July. and August, where Test Match cricket is played.”

The ICC recently introduced the World Test Championship to keep Test cricket alive. The move has worked to some extent, but there has not been any clarity regarding the future of Test cricket. Even Indian captain Rohit Sharma has expressed his opinion of saving Test cricket. He recently said that it is the responsibility of the big nations to save the format as it has been the pinnacle of the game.