ENG vs PAK: Watch – "You are captain…" – Ahmed Shehzad destroys Babar Azam for shouting at fans in England

Babar Azam and Ahmed Shahzad

Former Pakistan cricketer Ahmed Shahzad criticized Babar Azam for his bad behavior with fans in Cardiff ahead of the third T20I against England. He claimed that the Pakistan captain should not have treated the fans like he did since he is the captain of the team.

Pakistan team is currently playing the four-match T20I series against England. Babar Azam leads the team and so far things have not gone very well. He has lost one game as team captain and also did not have a great outing off the field heading into the third game.

Pakistan captain Babar Azam has come under scrutiny after his video berating fans in England went viral. The right-hander was mobbed by fans, who sought to take photographs with the batsman, but it did not sit well with the captain of the Pakistan National Cricket Team.

Babar Azam was seen spending time with his family and was fixing the car for his family. That’s when the fan surrounded him and became irritated. The Pakistan captain did not go easy on the fans and he lashed out at them, saying that they should spare him a few minutes and allow him to spend time with his family.

The video went viral on the Internet and Babar Azam was widely criticized. Many fans as well as pundits criticized the Pakistani captain for his poor behavior towards the fans, who were eager to see him in Cardiff.

Ahmed Shahzad highlighted the issue and lashed out at captain Babar Azam. He said that although his mood was not very good, he should not have shown that kind of attitude in public. He highlighted that Pakistan fans in England are crazy about the team and Babar should have treated them well. Speaking to a media channel, he stated:

“You have a huge fan following, people love you and as a cricketer, you play just for this day. So, people come to you and sometimes you are not in a good mood, but you are not just a batsman or a player, you are the captain of the Pakistan team.

“So whatever your mood, you can’t show this kind of attitude publicly. You have to realize that overseas Pakistanis have left everything in their country to meet you.”

Pakistan will benefit if Babar opens – Basit Ali

Former Pakistan batsman Basit Ali recently advised Babar Azam to open the innings for the team in the T20 World Cup 2024. He believes that the right-hander should not worry about his strike rate and having him at the top strengthens the team. Speaking on his YouTube channel, he stated:

“Pakistan will benefit if Babar opens. I don’t know who has given him advice on batting at number 3. He should be the one batting and not worry about the strike rate. “Pakistan’s middle order now has tough batsmen, but the foundation at the top must be excellent.”

Babar Azam has been batting at number 3 in the ongoing series against England. He had great success as the team’s starter and it remains to be seen if he moves up the ranks or not.