‘Gautam Gambhir said if you can’t support…’ – Shah Rukh Khan posts heartfelt message for KKR after IPL 2024 win

Shah Rukh Khan

Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shah Rukh Khan wrote a heartfelt message for the franchise’s players after the victory in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. He also praised the coaching staff and also gave a special mention to Gautam Gambhir for your contribution.

After a long wait of 10 years, Kolkata Knight Riders finally got their hands on the IPL trophy. The Shreyas Iyer-led team put up a dominant performance throughout the tournament and clinched their third title in the history of the league.

Under the mentorship of Gautam Gambhir, they adopted a selfless approach and it is fair to say that throughout the tournament it was a proper team effort. They dominated the league stage and were the first team to qualify for the playoffs.

Kolkata Knight Riders managed 9 wins in the 14 games and lost only three games while two were eliminated. From the start of the tournament they looked magnificent as they almost outclassed every team they played against.

Their dominance continued even in the playoffs. Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad in Qualifier 1 by 8 wickets and advanced to the final of the tournament. They were even better in the final against the same opponent, as they dominated from ball 1.

Kolkata Knight Riders bundled Sunrisers Hyderabad for just 113 runs and then chased down the target with 8 wickets in hand. They reached the target in 11 overs as they registered their third IPL win, having won earlier in 2012 and 2014.

When KKR won IPL 2024, Shah Rukh Khan gave a heartfelt message for the team. He highlighted how the team was united throughout the tournament and also praised the support staff for their contribution. On his Instagram account, he stated:

“To my boys… my team… my champions…” these blessed candles of the night… …. My stars… from KKR. I can’t do many things and you can’t do them Not all of them… but together we achieved most of them. That’s what @KKRiders stood for, just being together.

“Beyond the ability and guidance of @gautamgambhir55… the seriousness of Chandu, the love of abhisheknayar and the leadership of @shreyasiyer96… the dedication of Tendo, @bharathi. _arun @1crowey and @leamonnathan… this team is not based on any hierarchy, just pure respect for collaboration. “

GG said if you can’t support a single vision as a team – Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan further spoke about Gautam Gambhir’s message for the team and said that everyone took his message well. While praising the team, he stated:

“GG said that if you can’t support a single vision as a team… you’re leading a division in the team. Every player understood that. Young and old. The Trophy is not a testament to having the best players on the team… but rather a proof that each player is the best for the team. You guys are all made of star stuff!!

“I love you all and don’t let the dancing stop! Also, I am very happy and grateful for each and every KKR fan and I hope that young people around the world learn that tough times don’t last… Finally tough and happy teams do! Korbo… Lorbo… Jeetbo… Always. “See you all at the stadium in 2025.”

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