“I beg you all…” – New apology from AB de Villiers to Virat Kohli for spreading misinformation about the ‘second son’

AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma

Former South African cricketer AB de Villiers has again apologized to Virat Kohli for revealing information about his second child. He said everyone should respect the batsman, his family and his private time.

Virat Kohli continued to be absent from the Indian team for the last three Tests against England. The batsman withdrew from the entire series due to personal reasons and will not participate at any time in the series.

There has been a lot of speculation about the well-being of Virat Kohli and his family with many wondering why the batsman retired. AB de Villiers recently gave a hint and stated that the batsman will miss the series because he and his wife are expecting his second child.

“Yes, your second child is on the way. Yes, it’s family time and things are important to him. If you are not honest and genuine with yourself, you will lose track of what you are here for. I think most people’s priority is family. You can’t judge Virat for that. Yes, we miss him, but he has made the right decision,” he had said.

However, immediately afterwards AB de Villiers said that he was very sorry for spreading the misinformation and that he did not know what was happening with Virat Kohli. The former Proteas batsman also faced a lot of backlash for his comments.

After the Indian team for the last three Tests against England was announced, AB de Villiers shared his verdict on Virat Kohli’s situation. He admitted that he made a mistake before and regrets it.

AB de Villiers also urged fans to respect Virat Kohli’s privacy, saying that family comes first and no one knows what is happening with the batsman. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, he explained:

“My friend Virat Kohli is still not available. I ask everyone to give him the privacy he deserves. Family is first. Nobody knows what exactly is happening. I ask all of us to respect that. “I made a small mistake in my previous show and I apologize to the Kohli family for that.”

I shared information that was not confirmed at all – AB de Villiers on Virat Kohli

AB de Villiers admitted that he shared the information that was not entirely true. He is hopeful that Virat Kohli will come back from the start and score runs like he does. He added:

“It’s just not nice. I shared information that was not confirmed at all. I beg you all to respect him, his family and his private time. Hopefully, we will see Virat back, happy and scoring runs. Like he always does.”

Virat Kohli is now expected to return to cricket in the IPL. After the ongoing series, the league will begin and the batsman is expected to play for RCB.