IND vs ENG: James Anderson will have a new breakthrough to succeed on the tour of India

James Anderson

England pacer James Anderson needs no introduction for what he has done for the world and for England cricket. Anderson is one of the top three bowlers in the list of players who took most Test wickets and has taken 690 wickets in 183 Test matches. Anderson is just 10 wickets away from joining the 700 club and also 18 wickets away from leveling Australian legend Shane Warne’s record.

James Anderson is only seen playing in Test cricket and has proven to be a legend for the Three Lions. Anderson looked in a bad mood in the last Test series he played, which was against Australia. Anderson only got 5 wickets in 4 games at a pathetic average of 85.40.

James Anderson He had a lot of time to prepare for the tour of India and in between this period, Anderson was working on his preparation. While speaking to The Telegraph, Anderson stated that his preparation is the main thing for him. Anderson further added that his running speed was not adequate during Ashes 2023 and that he had been training hard during the period he was out of the field.

James Anderson He further said that he was not as threatening during the 2023 Ashes, but also said that he did not bowl badly. Anderson added that the ball did not swing during the series and the wickets were not suitable for him to bowl, but using wickets in deliveries when conditions do not favor him is something Anderson has been proud of in the past.

James Anderson talks about his training ahead of India tour

James Anderson said, “I have tried to look at the Ashes honestly. I don’t think I played badly, but at the same time I didn’t feel threatening either. The ball did not swing. The pitches weren’t particularly suitable for me, but taking wickets when conditions don’t favor me is something I’ve prided myself on in the past. India is a place where the conditions won’t favor seamers, but I’ve been there before and had success, so I’m trying to put all that together and make sure I’m in a really good place.”

“My preparation is the main thing, I just try to make sure it is better. One thing that wasn’t good was my acceleration speed. I can’t rely on that quick movement at the crease that I’ve had over the years, so I’ve been working on my momentum in my running to gain speed that way. It seems to be working very well, the ball comes out very well and now I just need to transfer it to the open air.”

“Something that has worked well for me is to mix up the training, making sure not to do the same thing over and over again. Things like working on running technique and speed, I have to do a little more than most people who get to my age. I have to cover all the bases to make sure that when I get to India I am in a good place.”

England’s tour of India will begin on January 25, 2024 at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium in Hyderabad.