Is India ready to travel to Pakistan for Champions Trophy 2025? Report reveals PCB’s ‘no Plan B’ law

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A massive update has arrived regarding Team India’s participation in the Champions Trophy 2025. As per Express News reports, it is learned that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is confident that the Rohit Sharma-led team will come to Pakistan for the tournament.

Reports claim that the Pakistan Cricket Board has not drawn up any plan B and there are no talks for the hybrid model. The governing body has also not contacted the UAE, indicating that India’s trip to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy could be on the cards and that India will play in Pakistan.

Champions Trophy 2025 will be held in Pakistan in February next year. One of the talking points surrounding the tournament has been whether India will travel to Pakistan or not. This is because the two nations do not get along well and do not have regular cricket terms either.

Due to political tensions, India and Pakistan only face each other in ICC tournaments and Asian Cups. However, with the ICC tournament scheduled to be held in Pakistan itself, India’s trip to the neighboring nation becomes a cause of concern for both the PCB and the ICC.

Recently there were reports that the BCCI is not interested in sending India to Pakistan due to security reasons. The decision will be taken only after the Indian government responds to the call and till then there is no possibility of India traveling to Pakistan.

During the 2023 Asia Cup, due to the same issue, the tournament was held in a hybrid model. Pakistan was scheduled to host the entire tournament but eventually gave way to the hybrid model, where India’s games were held in Sri Lanka.

However, with new reports claiming that PCB is confident that India will visit Pakistan, it will be the first time in almost 17 years that they will play in their neighboring nation. Official confirmation is yet to come, but since there is no talk of any hybrid model, it could be a reality.

India will play its 2025 Champions Trophy matches in Lahore

Recently, the Pakistan Cricket Board drew up a preliminary schedule for the Champions Trophy 2025. Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi are the three venues likely to host the tournament, which will be played over two months in February 2025.

According to reports from ESPNCricinfo, it is learned that India will play all its matches in Lahore, where the final will also be played. This is because PCB wants to avoid considerable logistical and security headaches in its travels.

The Champions Trophy will be the first ICC event to be played in Pakistan since the 1996 World Cup, when they co-hosted it with India and Sri Lanka. Pakistan are currently the defending champions of the tournament and would be eager to win the title. It remains to be seen whether India will go to Pakistan or not.