‘It makes me nervous…’ – Michael Clarke worries about Glenn Maxwell after Adelaide incident

Michael Clarke, Glenn Maxwell

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has expressed concern over Glenn Maxwell being taken to hospital in an ambulance. The off-roader was hospitalized last week after collapsing during a night out before being taken to hospital.

He was in Adelaide and attended a golf promotion before seeing former fast bowler Brett Lee’s band ‘Six and Out’. The event was attended by other Australian players and West Indies players. Glenn Maxwell fainted during the event and after the players. He couldn’t wake him up, an ambulance took him to the hospital.

According to media reports, he did not spend the night in the hospital, but the incident has already attracted attention. Michael Clarke has also expressed concern about him, saying that even thinking that his former teammate had to be taken to an ambulance is scary.

“Having to get into an ambulance makes me nervous. With these kinds of things, with things off the field. I like to say, “Benefit of the doubt and innocent until proven guilty.” One thing I know is that Cricket Australia will get to the bottom of the matter. Nowadays there are cameras, there are people. So the truth will be told,” Michael Clarke said, according to news.com.au.

“The other thing we need to do is make sure he’s okay. In the end he didn’t spend the night there (in the hospital). I can’t think of a time where I’ve had to call an ambulance or had them call an ambulance for me, no matter how drunk I was. So I’m worried that there’s something more to this and, first of all, I hope it’s okay,” he added.

Cricket Australia statement on Glenn Maxwell:

According to several reports, Glenn Maxwell may have fainted due to dehydration. Meanwhile, Cricket Australia has given an update on the all-rounder. In an official statement, they stated that Maxwell was dropped from the ODI squad for the series against the West Indies due to workload management and not because of the incident.

“Cricket Australia is aware of an incident involving Glenn Maxwell in Adelaide at the weekend and is seeking further information. It has no relation to his replacement in the ODI squad, a decision that was taken following the BBL and based on his individual management plan. Maxwell is expected to return for the T20 series. “No further comment will be made at this time,” CA’s official statement read.

In recent months, the Australian star has been involved in several unusual and strange incidents. During the World Cup in India last year, she suffered a concussion after falling from a golf cart. In November 2022, she ended up with a broken leg at her friend’s birthday party.