Look: Already married! Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam engaged in a fun conversation about the latter’s marriage

Babar Azam On Abdullah Shafique And Mohammad Rizwan

Former Pakistan captain and star batsman Babar Azam had a funny conversation about his marriage with his teammate and batsman Mohammad Rizwan during a live session on Babar’s official X (formerly Twitter) account yesterday and the video is now up It is going viral on all social networks.

Babar Azam had invited his X fans and followers to join his session to ask questions on various matters related to his personal and professional life. That session was co-hosted by Talha Aisham, one of the founders of Saya Corporation, which works in the management of the country’s biggest cricket stars.

Both Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are run by the same company, which a few months ago was suspected of intervening in the national team’s player selection matters. Saya Corporation was all over the news for that reason, but all the controversy has largely died down at this point.

Therefore, it was a perfect opportunity for them to host such a session and give fans a transparent opportunity to ask whatever is on their mind. The session, dubbed ‘From Pitch to Microphone: Babar Azam’, garnered a huge number of listeners, 177,000 to be precise, and the star batsman completed that hour-long session from Bangladesh, where he is currently participating in the Bangladesh Premier. League for Rangpur Riders.

Midway through that session, Babar’s teammate Mohammad Rizwan approached him and asked him about his marriage plans in the near future. The first one said that he expected a question like that from Rizwan and what followed was a real and very funny conversation between the two.

“Sir, when are you getting married?” Rizwan asked. “I knew you were going to ask me this question.” Babar replied. “But now that I’ve asked, you have to answer the question.” Rizwan continued. “Boss, I will tell you in private” – Babar responded during the live session on X.

“When I wake up in the morning I find that…” Babar Azam makes a funny revelation about his married life

Babar Azam is a very popular figure on social media as he is trolled from time to time for his performances and comments. His fans are also very interested in knowing his personal life and the topic of his marriage often becomes a trending topic.

While answering Rizwan’s question, the 29-year-old batsman revealed a funny story about people making up false stories about his marriage and that every day he gets up in the morning to find a new wife.

“Nowadays, when I wake up in the morning, I realize that I am married to someone. People start congratulating me. On the other hand, at night I marry someone else. People congratulate me again. So I’m already married. Now you should focus on someone else.” – Babar Azam concluded the session on day X.

The Lahore-born cricketer is expected to return to Pakistan from Bangladesh next week to take part in the ninth edition of the Pakistan Super League, starting on February 13.