PAK vs CAN: Watch: Azhar Mahmood gets into fight with journalist at WC T20 press conference

Azhar Mahmood

Pakistan’s assistant coach, Azhar Mahmoodhas lashed out at the media for the intense scrutiny and backlash directed at national players for their disappointing performances in the current ICC T20 World Cup 2024. Pakistan have so far had a disastrous campaign in the 2024 T20 World Cup, having lost their first two matches against co-hosts the United States and India.

After the Pakistan cricket team’s heartbreaking and narrow loss to India in the high-voltage T20 World Cup 2024 match, several national players, including Azam Khan, were spotted at street restaurants and shops in New York, sparking strong criticism from fans and media. points of sale.

However, ahead of Pakistan’s do-or-die T20 World Cup 2024 Group A clash against Canada on Tuesday, June 11 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, Mahmood defended his players by emphasizing that they have lives beyond cricket and need to relax between matches.

The Pakistan assistant coach further emphasized the importance of relaxation and entertainment for the players’ well-being, arguing that their occasional outings are very important for the team’s mental health and morale after such disappointing performances on the field.

Azhar Mahmood said at the pre-match press conference in New York: “We play cricket on the field and there is life beyond cricket. A loss does not mark the end of our lives. We need to relax between games, so we left the hotel. That is also the source of our entertainment. “Players can’t stay in their rooms all the time.”

Mahmood noted that these types of activities are common among international teams and are not indicative of a lack of concentration or commitment. He also noted that these criticisms often intensify after defeats, and the media and fans look for scapegoats for the losers. Pakistan cricket teamThe poor performance.

The second coach called for a more balanced perspective and reiterated that these types of outings are a normal part of the lives of professional athletes and should not be taken any other way.

After losses, we tend to look for excuses: Azhar Mahmood

He feels that players need personal time to recharge and maintain a healthy mental state to recover and perform at their best in upcoming matches. Mahmood urged critics to support the players both on and off the field.

Mahmood added: “Did you see them wandering around after the game? I even saw you there. You wouldn’t ask me this question if we had won the game. Although the players follow a certain diet, they all go out to eat; I’ve worked with other teams and even they do the same. After losses, we tend to make excuses.”

He also blamed Mohammad Rizwan for Pakistan’s crushing defeat against India as he recalled that they were at 72/2 after 12 overs and had eight wickets in hand. Since Pakistan were in the commanding position of the game, Mahmood said there was no need to show haste while pointing out Rizwan’s shot selection against Jasprit Bumrah.

He noted: “The shot was taken, but not at the right time in the game and also on the wrong pitcher.”