SLC says board made ‘appeal’ to ICC to continue playing international matches

No decision on 2024 Under-19 World Cup yet as SLC suspension row rumbles on

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) president Shammi Silva made a “fervent appeal” to the ICC to “create an exception” that would allow Sri Lanka to continue playing international cricket despite the suspension of the SLC, according to a statement from the SLC.
The ICC removed Sri Lanka from hosting the U-19 Men’s World Cup, which was set for January next year (it will now be held in South Africa) due to the ICC’s objection to government interference in the administration of cricket. Sri Lanka. But the ICC allowed Sri Lanka to continue playing international cricket after “listening to SLC’s representation”, according to an ICC statement that same day.

“Participating in [the ICC board meeting on November 21] As an observer, SLC President Mr. Shammi Silva urged the ICC Board to allow additional time for the Sri Lankan government to rectify the issue of political interference in cricket,” the SLC statement said.

He continued: “However, the ICC Board, taking cognizance of similar suspensions imposed by World Rugby and FIFA in response to political interference, concluded that sufficient time had already been granted to the Sri Lankan government to address and rectify the issue. “Consequently, the ICC board confirmed the suspension of Sri Lanka Cricket.”

ESPNcricinfo understands, however, that SLC officials themselves had requested a suspension from the ICC to force Sri Lankan sports minister Roshan Ranasinghe to backtrack on his attempts to replace the board with an interim committee. This committee was headed by former captain Arjuna Ranatunga and included retired judges as well as sons of politicians with no known experience in cricket administration.

Following that suspension, the SLC held a press conference in which Silva reiterated that Sri Lanka was at risk of losing its hosting rights to the U-19 Men’s World Cup, among other things. He also launched personal attacks against the Minister of Sports, as he has also done against him in several public interactions.

According to the ICC statutes, there is no specific definition of the repercussions of a suspension. Section 2.10(B) of that document states: “Any suspension of a Member by the Board of Directors pursuant to Article 2.10(A) shall be subject to such terms and conditions as the Board of Directors may determine…”