‘Things are perfect’: Mohammad Rizwan’s strange statement on Pakistan’s defeat in seven consecutive internationals

Mohammad Rizwan

It was another defeat for Pakistan in the NZ vs PAK T20I series as they lost the 4th consecutive match by 7 wickets. Pakistan could not defend 159 runs and showed another poor performance. Pakistani batsman Mohammad Rizwan’s 90 runs were not enough and his troubles in international cricket continued.

Mohammad Rizwan, while attending the post-match press conference, was asked whether or not Pakistan would return to international cricket after losing 7 matches in a row after the World Cup. Pakistan faced a 3-0 defeat against Australia in the test series ahead of New Zealand and have now lost 4 matches in a row in the T20I series. Rizwan was asked whether the Pakistani team will be able to regain the momentum or not.

Responding to the question, Mohammad Rizwan stated that he does not like to lose. However, currently the way things are going is perfect as per the team’s requirements. Rizwan gave the example of New Zealand and Australia and stated that they reached the World Cup after losing a bilateral series.

Mohammad Rizwan on Pakistan’s dismal international performance

Mohammad Rizwan said: “If you ask me, I personally don’t like losing. I don’t like to lose in anything we’re doing. But in my opinion, whatever happens right now, everything is perfect. When you find something… Before the World Cup, whether you look at the New Zealand team or Australia, all of these teams had lost. This is because they were looking for their best combination, so here I personally don’t like losing because it hurts, but the management and the captain are currently on the right track.”

The last few months have not been brilliant for the Pakistan cricket team in international cricket. Pakistan faced a humiliating debacle in the Asia Cup 2023 and the ODI World Cup 2023. The Pakistani team was eliminated from both the tournaments and did not even qualify for the round of 16. The Pakistani team finished in fifth place in CWC 2023 and could only win 4 out of nine matches.

Babar Azam’s form has also been a concern for the Pakistan team as he has not been able to perform to his reputation. Babar has only been able to perform against low-ranked teams, while his performance rate has declined against big teams like India, Australia and England.

Also, Pakistani rhythm drumming, which was his strong point at one time, has become his weakness today. Pakistani pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi, who used to rattle the batsmen with his pace and swing, has become an ordinary bowler today and has not been able to perform like he used to before.

Another major problem for Pakistan is its dire situation. During the ODI World Cup 2023, the team lost many catches and was also sloppy in the field. Due to this, Pakistan could never put pressure on the opposition and lost games.