Watch: Hardik Pandya bombarded with ‘Rohit Rohit’ chants in Ahmedabad

Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya

Mumbai Indians (MI) captain Hardik Pandya is not getting a great reception at the Narendra Modi International Stadium in Ahmedabad. The fifth match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 will take place between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans (GT).

The fans at the Narendra Modi International Stadium were not kind to Hardik Pandya from the beginning of the match. At the draw, the all-rounder received many boos from the public. However, it wasn’t enough as fans made sure to continue giving him a hard time.

As Hardik Pandya approached to bowl the first bowler, he was on the receiving end of “Rohit Rohit” chants from the crowd. The fans present in the stadium mocked the all-rounder and the video of the incident went viral on the Internet within a few minutes.

Here is the video:

For the unversed, Hardik Pandya replaced Rohit Sharma as captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL 2024. The all-rounder, who played for Gujarat Titans in the last two seasons, was traded back to Mumbai for INR 15 crore and the team captaincy. , leading the franchise to remove the senior hitter from his position.

Rohit Sharma’s dismissal as captain of the Mumbai Indians did not go down well with many as the senior batsman won five titles as captain. This did not go well with many as they lashed out at the franchise and the all-rounder for the way they treated the senior opener.

Coming into the match between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans, the Hardik Pandya-led team won the toss and opted to play first. They have ensured that they continue to pick wickets at regular intervals and stay in the game despite a powerful start from the home team.

Hardik Pandya is not having a great time with the ball as he has bowled three overs in the game. The all-rounder has been chosen for many races and has failed to take the wickets. On the other hand, Jasprit Bumrah has been on top of the game by taking 3 wickets.

I know he will always have his hand on my shoulder – Hardik Pandya on Rohit Sharma

Hardik Pandya recently opened up about his bond with Rohit Sharma. He said he has played most of his career under the leadership of a senior starter. He expected Rohit to keep his shoulder on his hand. He explained:

“Rohit Sharma is the captain of the Indian team, which helps me. What this team has accomplished was accomplished under his leadership and I am moving forward. “I played my entire career with him and I know he will always have his hand on my shoulder.”

After Rohit Sharma was replaced as captain of the Mumbai Indians, he has not spoken openly about his feelings. No doubt, he will still be an internal part of the team and he is expected to play a very important role for the team as a batsman. He will need to answer everything with his bat in the league.