Top 5 Best Cricketers in the world

Top 5 Best Cricketers in the world

Considered the game of the gentlemen for a long time, cricket drives crazy fans. However, not all rumors about cricket players refer to their durability in the sports arena. Not all exemplary cricket players are proud of a legion of fans, even in their numerous achievements on the field. Like all other celebrities on earth, sportsmen they also receive adulation and generate a frenzy driven also by the strength of their looks. And cricket is no stranger to some of the most beautiful faces and bold personalities that adorn its interesting playing field. Throughout the ages, the game of cricket has been fortunate to nurture players so exceptional that they are no less than any actors or models when it comes to charming looks and charisma. A bunch of cricket giants have been at least as adored for being pretty hot, as they are celebrated for making some incredible pitches.

Below, we list the 10 most beautiful cricket players of all time who manage to keep even those who are not very enthusiastic about the game of gentlemen glued to the screen in a quest for hotness-

Virat kohli

The best cricket player in the world at the moment, Indian captain Virat Kohli also appears at the top for being the most beautiful of the lot. Named among the hottest men in Asia in 2018 and the ninth sexiest Asian man in 2019, Kohli is sure to leave many hearts vibrating with his bold appearance. Innately charming and impeccably handsome, it is also Kohli’s attitude that places him absolutely at the top among the 10 most desired cricket players in the world. The charisma of this equally fantastic cricket player is such that he was even named the seventh sexiest Asian in the past decade by the UK’s Eastern Eye newspaper. As well as the only sportsman who found mention in the top 10 for his appearance, Kohli is certainly a superstar on and off the field.

Also nominated by the men’s fashion magazine GQ as the best dressed sportsman in the world and also as one of the 10 best dressed international men, much of Kohli’s charisma certainly refers to his style. Whether it’s his personal fashion choices or his aggressive cricket style, Kohli’s characteristic mannerisms have made him the darling of the world. In addition, the only cricket player to appear on Forbes’ list of the 100 highest paid athletes in the world in the year 2020, it is also Kohli’s appearance and charm, as well as the value of his brand, that earn him some business. really lucrative sponsorship. One of the most famous athletes in the world according to ESPN, this hugely successful Indian cricketer is undoubtedly a rare talent.

Alastair Cook

One of the most prolific batters of the modern era, Englishman Alastair Cook is also among the 10 most beautiful cricket players of all time. In his cricket career with England, Cook received numerous distinctions. Former captain of the England and International One-Day Test teams, Cook is the fifth-highest scorer of all time. He is also the first world captain to mark a century in his first five tests and also the greatest non-Asian racing scorer of all time in Asia.

As inspiring as his exploits in the field with the bat are his beautiful appearance, especially his sculpted jaw that makes him a favorite of fans around the world. Named EssexLive’s sexiest man by EssexLive and also the only cricket player on the list of 30 players, Cook is as surprising in his attractive appearance as he is incredible in his many phenomenal records.

Brett Lee

As famous for his international appearance as for his reputation as one of the fastest pitchers in the world is former Australian cricketer Brett Lee. he left the world in awe with his rebels, a short time ago in Brett Lee who did not make him instantly captivating to anyone who was fortunate enough to watch him.

There is also another dimension in Brett Lee outside of his talent in cricket, which particularly complements his beautiful appearance to make him one of the 10 most popular cricket players. As part of the rock band Six & Out, Lee’s strumming with the guitar strings also contributed greatly to increasing his mass appeal among his many fans and admirers. It is particularly a mass phenomenon in India, as its many artistic insides in the country have given it great popularity. Lee’s killer smile and his equally killer appearance also made him try his luck as an actor, again on a project that sees the great Australian collaborate with Indian names.

Kevin Pietersen

In his style and sophistication, Englishman Kevin Pietersen is invariably one of the 10 handsome cricket players the world passes out on. In addition to beauty, there is also a different charm in this man who rests in his own aura, whether in cricket or in controversies. Considered the most complete cricket batsman by The Times, the 6-foot, 4-inch tall Pietersen is also a glorious self personally. Famous for his unusual haircuts, Pietersen has repeatedly proved how daring he can be when it comes to fashion and this undoubtedly translates into making him such a cool stud for the world. In his presence as a model and forthright attitude, Kevin Pietersen is certainly more handsome as a cricket player than what he finds on the pitch.

Kane Williamson

Since the painful defeat to eventual champion England at the ICC ODI 2019 World Cup Final , New Zealand captain Kane Williamson has achieved everything with his sporting spirit and courage. Even in his grieving vulnerability, the gentleman he is made Williamson respond with a spirit that made him dear to legions of cricket lovers around the world. It is only fitting, therefore, that a man with such an impeccable spirit is also attractive enough in such appearance that makes him one of the 10 most beautiful cricket players.