The 10 best free cricket games 2021

The 10 best free cricket games 2021

Without a doubt, WCC2 is the most  played game and the most popular free Android games from the Play Store. I have played this game many times and you will not believe that I probably unlocked all the tournaments and many other things. If you are really a cricket lover, this is the mandatory cricket game on your smartphone.

Here you have the freedom to personalize the players and their shirts and you can play this game in different locations, along with 69 different strokes and more than 8 bowling actions.

When you play the game, you’ll get different camera angles along with realistic ball physics and sparkling animations. WCC2 basically features 18 different international teams, along with 10 national teams and 24 stadiums. In fact, this is a complete and powerful Android game that you must have on your phone.

2. Real Cricket 17

Real Cricket 17 – free cricket games

Here, Real Cricket 17 is the most famous free Android games of 2018 from the Google Play Store. It has more than 5 lakhs of download in just a few months. If you really want to have some real cricket experience, you should dedicate yourself to Real Cricket 17.

Here in this game, you will get incredible game physics. While playing this game, you can experience 2D graphics captured by motion. In this game, you will have simple and intuitive controls that will definitely allow you to schedule great races in the match. You have the option of building your own team like the Premiere League. This is the mandatory free cricket game for Android users in 2018.

3. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash League – free cricket games

Here, this is the real copy of the Big Bash League, where you can participate in virtually the Big Bash Cricket league. , basically managed by the Australian Cricket Board.



4. Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018

Official trailer for Android POWER CRICKET T20 CUP 2016 v2.2

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Here, in this cricket game, you can warm up to the IPL League 2018 directly on your Android device. You can also play against the international team you want to play with and show your skills in cricket. Basically, this game offers network practice modes, tournament mode along with Super Over and challenge mode.

In this game, you have the option to choose any of the 14 countries that play cricket, such as India, Australia, South Africa, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and United Arab Emirates United. Here in this game, you can play 6 T20 game formats like Tri Series, Premier Knockout, Champions Cup, Power Cup, Asia Cup and Challenge Series.

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5. Cricket T20 Fever 3D
Here, Cricket Fever 3D is the best free cricket game that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. This game is full of games with tournaments, ODI and T20 matches. When you play this game, you will have 3D HD graphics along with realistic animations and ball physics.

If you have Android 3D phones, you can experience the 3D effects. You can easily download these free cricket games to your Android just by accessing the Google Play Store and you have the virtual experience of IPL T20 matches. You can set limits by playing perfect strokes.

  6. Lieutenant of the World Cricket Championship

Basically, this Lieutenant of the World Cricket Championship is the most exciting and free Cricket Games in the world, you can easily download this game from the Google Play Store. Here, this game offers a multiplayer mode, so the best part is that you can now invite your friends along with other challenging teams to play against you.

In this game, it allows you to play 5 quick matches over the Quick Match and Fantasy Cricket League. When you hit a six here, you’ll have the ultra slow motion shot that really delivers the best experience.

7. Cricket WorldCup Fever

Undoubtedly, this Cricket WorldCup Fever game offers better graphics than any other free cricket game on the list. In this game, you will get high quality graphics, along with 3D characters and many real-world cricket stadiums. Here you can play this game in the format One-Day or Test Match with all the rules of cricket.


The best part about this game is that you can customize your game on different bases, such as difficulty settings, locations and choose options for the game. This game has 14 teams, along with 6 stadiums and 3 difficulty modes.

8. Beach cricket

If you really want to have a cricket experience on the beach, then you must go to this Beach Cricket game. You can easily download this game from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Now you can play cricket on different “Beaches” with all 11 players on a team. Here you can experience different cricket experiences in direct sunlight and on the sand

9. Super Cricket 2

Here, Super Cricket 2 is the fastest free cricket game on Android and comes with an HD sequel. You can really have an amazing cricket experience, unlike other cricket games on the list. You can really easily download this game for free from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Here, the more you play, the more things you will unlock in this game.

10. Unlimited 2016

This is the best free cricket game for cricket lovers. Here, this game offers a full range of cricket tournaments, ODI’s, T20 along with IPL formats. Basically, it offers simple and easy control guides and swipe directions.

Here, these Android games offer the latest update IPL teams that come with more than 24 varieties of cricket shots, including Scoop, Cheerleaders. Without a doubt, this game is perfect for cricket lovers.