Players with Best Skills of Cricket

Players with Best Skills of Cricket

Players with Best Skills of Cricket

There is a new religion called cricket all over the world. People worship cricket, which is why the legend is born, and when they bid on Adiu, they leave an eternal mark on the cricket match and those who worship them. They make records, break them, and finally find their name in the Cricket Hall of Fame. Introducing the top 10 best cricket players ever.

10. Cliveroid

Clive Lloyd was a cricket player in the West Indies who made his debut in 1966. He was the most successful captain of the West Indies to date. Lloyd was the captain of the West Indies from 1974 to 1985 and won the World Cup twice in a row in 1975 and 1979. India finished second in the 1983 World Cup. It was a dream run for the West Indies team while Lloyd was the team’s captain. His team won 27 games without defeat and he is considered one of the most successful test captains to date.


9. Dennis Lily

Former Australian cricket player Dennis Lille was a fast-paced bowler of his time. He was even described as “an outstanding high-speed bowler of his generation” and was also known as the best high-speed bowler of the 70’s. Lily established his name in the ICC Hall of Fame in December 2009. With his 355 wickets, he was the world record holder for most test wickets by the time he retired in 1984. Like when he used an aluminum bat instead of a wooden bat. Another incident when Miandad pokes his foot while running.


8. Rahul Dravid

The greatest Indian defensive batter of all time is Rahul Dravid, known as “The Wall”. Whenever Team India needed a mountain of orchids, Dravidian was always there to help. He is one of the greatest cricket players in cricket history. 13,000 odd runs on test cricket, best 270 against Pakistan, best 153 on ODI cricket, 10,000 odd runs. He recorded a record 22-ball 50 that hasn’t been broken for a long time. Dravid held a ticket gate for India when the team needed it most. He was named this year’s ICC Player and Test Player of the Year at the 2004 ICC Awards Ceremony.


7. Muttia Muraritaran

The best test wicket taker ever is Muttiah Muralitharan with a large 800 wickets. Former Sri Lankan cricket player has been rated by Wisden cricket as the best test match bowler ever. He also holds world records for most test and ODI wickets. With 534 wickets on the ODI platform, it surpassed Wasim Akram’s 502. Murali took first place in the ICC Player Boxer Rankings in a total of 214 games and 1711 days.


6. Jacques Kallis

Former South African cricket player, South Africa’s best all-rounder is one of the greatest all-rounders of all time. The first player to win 10,000 runs and 250 wickets in both ODI and test cricket. Charis was 51st after Sachin Tendurkar and scored the second-highest score in the test. Charis is the 2005 ICC Player of the Year and the 2005 Tester of the Year. A total of 15,000 runs.


5. Brian Lara

Another West Indies legendary batter, Brian Lara holds the highest personal first class score of 501 and the highest international personal test score of 400. The 153 people who haven’t fought Australia in Bridgetown have been rated by Don Bradman ir as the second best batting performance in test cricket history after 270. Lara was awarded this year’s BBC Overseas Sports Personality and was awarded to only three cricket players, including him. Certainly one of the best West Indian batters.

4. Shane Warne

The legend of Australian leg spin bowling is Shane Warne. He is the second-highest ticket gate in the history of test cricket with 708 scalp and 293 ODI. He has accumulated 3000 test runs without recording a century and holds that record. In 2000, he was named one of the five Wisden Cricketters of the Century and became the only player to participate in the quintet during the performance at the time. His cricket life was full of scandals, including receiving money from informal sources and testing positive for substances. But in all of this, Warne was one of the best spin bowlers of his time.


3. Garfield Sobers ir

Garfield Sobers ir is considered the greatest all-rounder in cricket. He made his debut in the West Indies at the age of 16 and has been playing for a long time. His first century played against Pakistan, scoring a triple of 100 with a score of 365. This record-breaking personal record was held until Brian Lara recorded 375 in 1994. .. He holds the fourth highest batting average in test cricket with over 5,000 runs. For quite some time, it was the complete control of cricket by players in the West Indies.

2. Sachin Tendall Car

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the greatest batter of all time and is known as the “Little Master”. India worships him as the god of cricket. He made his debut in international cricket at the age of 16 and was welcomed by Wasim Akram’s fierce bouncer. ODI, the world record for the best test runs, runs a total of 30,000 times. He was the first batter to win 100 international hundreds and was the first to win the second century at ODI. A total of 5100 hundred test crickets remains the world record for the largest number of test crickets. Certainly the great legendary player in the world.

1. Don Bradman ir

Australia’s Don and Cricket World-Don Bradman ir is recognized as the greatest batter of all time, with an average career record of 99.94. This is the best achievement of any individual in any sport. He is the second player to score two goals for the second consecutive century, following Wally Hammond. Bradman scored in his first pre-lunch session a century ago and ended the day with 309. Cricket players cannot score with modern cricket. He averaged 139 stunning 974 runs in the 1930 England series, maintaining Bradman’s best series performance. This shows that Bradman is the greatest batter ever.