"Anushka Sharma and her family could keep Virat Kohli away from Cricket"- Michael Vaughan’s sensational commentary.

Virat Kohli and Michael Vaughan

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has predicted the moment when stalwart Indian batsman Virat Kohli could announce his retirement from cricket.

Currently, Virat Kohli is as strong as ever at the age of 35 and many claim that he still has 3-4 years of cricket left in him. At 35, the former Indian captain is still chasing the dream of winning an ICC trophy as the oldest member of the team. His career would have gone to a different level if he had won the ICC 50-Over World Cup last year, but fate had other plans.

Despite being the tournament’s top scorer, Virat Kohli failed to make the most of his form in the final against Australia. This year, after a rollercoaster IPL 2024 season in which he remains the top scorer despite being eliminated from the tournament, Kohli will chase the dream of winning his first ICC T20 World Cup title this June.

Michael Vaughan predicts Virat Kohli could surprise people in the next 2-3 years

With the 2024 T20 WC edition being his last chance to win the shortest format’s biggest prize, Virat Kohli will try to replicate his performance in IPL 2024. While he expects Team India to play better than RCB this season, the Men in Blue They have a great chance of reaching the round of 16.

While India’s chances in the 20-team mega event remain to be seen, former England cricketer Michael Vaughan has made a bold prediction about Kohli. While speaking to Cricbuzz, Vaughan explained how he sees Virat Kohli’s retirement plans.

The Englishman considers the issue to be quite delicate given Virat Kohli’s impeccable physical form, which could allow him a few more years at the highest level. But at the same time, Kohli has a young family and in 2-3 years, he may want to spend more time with his wife and children – Vamika and Akaay Kohli.

In that sense, Vaughan admitted that Kohli may surprise people with his decision in the coming years.

“A brilliant season. You talk about retiring with Virat Kohli, I see it in a way where he can play for a long time. He is in good shape. Unless he goes out of his mind and obviously now he has a young family. In two or three years’, everything changes, and he just wants to have some quiet time; I completely understand that.” – said Michael Vaughan via Cricbuzz.

Vaughan feels Kohli is eager to live a normal life

Michael Vaughan added that Virat Kohli, amidst all the glitz and bombardment, is someone who loves to lead a normal life with his family. The former England captain recalled how Kohli enjoyed the three months of paternal leave he took for the birth of his second child.

Kohli had gone to London with Anushka Sharma and her daughter, where they were away from the camera and the limelight. Vaughan feels that Kohli’s love for normal, calm moments will soon lead him to retire from the hectic life of a cricketer.

“I have read some of his comments and quotes and he loved that normal life. I think that may take Virat away from cricket like he wants to go and have a quiet time for a while.” – concluded Michael Vaughan.