Did someone intentionally poison Mayank Agarwal? Unfortunate incident comes to legal rescue

Mayank Agarwal Hospitalized

Indian batsman Mayank Agarwal lodged a police complaint through his manager after being hospitalized due to illness. Mayank fell ill after consuming contaminated water while the team was on its way from Agartala, Tripura, to Surat, Gujarat.

According to reports, it is suspected that Mayank may have consumed acid in very little proportion, which is why he fell ill. Mayank was admitted to ILS Hospital in Agartala, where he is currently undergoing treatment. Reports further say that he has difficulty speaking and was moved to the intensive care unit (ICU) after his initial treatment.

According to recent reports, Mayank is out of danger after consuming water provided to him by the crew. Other reports say that the cabin crew placed a bottle of acid in the water storage area and Mayank consumed the acid mistaking it for water.

“Mayank Agarwal, an international cricketer. He is now stable and his vital signs are normal. But his manager has lodged a specific complaint with the NCCPS (New Capital Complex police station) to investigate the matter,” SP West Tripura Kiran Kumar told PTI.

“His manager said that when he was sitting on the plane, there was a bag in front of him. He drank a little, not much, but suddenly he felt irritation in his mouth and suddenly he couldn’t speak either and they took him to the ILS hospital. He had swelling and ulcers in his mouth. Otherwise, his vital signs are stable,” the officer in charge said about the details of the incident.

Tripura State Health Secretary Kiran Gitte said the police had lodged the Indian cricketer’s complaint and would conduct further investigation into the matter.

“The police have admitted your complaint and we will investigate what happened. According to his manager, he will travel to Bengaluru tomorrow and in the meantime, we will provide him with the best treatment available in Agartala,” Gitte said.

Mayank Agarwal out of danger after hospitalization

Manoj Kumar Debnath, Business Development Manager, ILS Hospitals Agartala, issued a press release regarding Mayanbk’s medical condition. He gave first-hand details about how Mayank felt after drinking the contaminated water. He said Manay Agarwal was “experiencing some mouth irritation and swelling of the lips. After being urgently evaluated by hospital consultants, he was admitted. For now, he is clinically stable and is under constant clinical follow-up.” he confirmed it.

A Karnataka Cricket Board (KSCA) official also claimed that the PTI is pushing for Mayank’s welfare.

“He (Agarwal) is not in any kind of danger. He is currently under observation at a hospital in Agartala, and we will fly him back to Bengaluru once we get an update from the doctors, which we expect this evening,” a Karnataka State Cricket Association official told PTI. (KSCA) on condition of anonymity. .

Mayank Agarwal led Karnataka to a 29-run victory against Tripura on Monday. Karnataka will play Railways in their next Ranji Trophy match in Surat. The last Test of him was against Sri Lanka in Bengaluru in March 2022. In total, he played 21 Test matches and scored 1488 runs at an average of 41.33 with four hundred and six fifties.

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