From stumps to stadiums: a journey through cricket history

From stumps to stadiums: a journey through cricket history

Many countries including India and Australia now love this sport which originated in England. Since cricket emerged, it has seen many changes throughout its journey. The current status of cricket is meant for only a few select sports (football). This game, which was originally played on agricultural lands, is now played in stadiums equipped with modern advanced technologies.

Around 1640-45, the game was also introduced to cricket, which today’s sports enthusiasts enjoy by visiting various websites such as This cricket dedicated publication tells you about the famous story and incidents that paved the way for the evolution of cricket.

The anonymous history of cricket

Why anonymous? Because most of the first facts, such as the exact origin of cricket and formulation of the original rules of cricket They fall into the unknown category. It is believed that the Cricket was originated by English shepherds, who played it as a pastime. Also, another story that says that Cricket is believed to have originated in the 16th century, during the Saxon or Norman era, among youths living in the forests of southeast England.

The origins of cricket date back to 1550, when students at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford, England, played their first match. Nearly a century later, the first game of cricket played by adults was recorded in Coxheath, Kent, England, in 1646. Cricket remained a local game in England for most of the 17th century, and many people played it on Sundays afterward. of the church.

Due to English imperialism, the proliferation of cricket took place and it also spread to India and other countries. By the mid-18th century, cricket had taken strong roots in London. Its popularity increased so much that women also began playing the game and the first known women’s cricket match took place in Surry in 1745. Later, the 18th century also saw the fashion for single-wicket games and possible changes in the designs of the bats, since they used to be like hockey sticks.

In the 18th century, the first written rules of cricket and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), and after that, the Marylebone Cricket Club codified the rules of the game in 1797. As the 19th century arrived, Cricket underwent many transformations, such as changes in bowling, which used to be underarm bowling, now switched to round arm bowling and then over arm bowling.

The current cricket scenario

Nowadays, cricket has a very dominant fan base across the world, second only to football. It is also considered the most lucrative sport. Today, cricket is played in 108 countries in the world, of which only 12 countries can play Test cricket. In the current scenario, ICC (International Cricket Council) organizes international cricket tournaments like Cricket World Cup, ICC World Test Championship and T20 World Cup.

Please note that all of these tournaments We have witnessed packed stadiums, no matter where the game takes place or which country’s team is playing. In today’s cricket matches, the use of stumps equipped with LED lights and bails has become the new normal for players and fans. This pair of wickets costs around INR 50 Lacs, which shows the phenomenal evolution of cricket.


This game, once played on rough terrain with thin pieces of wood, is now played by professional players with all the facilities of modern technological stadiums. Cricket is not just a sport, it is a religion or an emotion in countries like India. Cricket inspires people and tells them that time will not remain the same; After all, Cricket is a great equalizer!!