Hanuma Vihari case takes new turn as ACA claims state actors were forced to sign letter of support

Hanuma Vihari

The ongoing dispute between Hanuma Vihari and the Andhra Pradesh Cricket Association (ACA) has taken a new turn as the state board revealed shocking information. According to reliable sources, some players on the team have informed the ACA that they were forced to sign the letter of support. That letter demanded the ACA to reappoint Vihari as captain under some serious threats that are yet to be revealed.

It all started after Hanuma Vihari took to social media platform Instagram and vowed to never play for Andhra Pradesh again. He wrote a lengthy note, addressing the problems he faced, his mistreatment by the state board and the incident that involved him in a verbal dispute with a teammate.

Inside Hanuma Vihari’s social media post against ACA

Vihari revealed in his Instagram post that the state board deliberately stripped him of the captaincy. And this is because the player he abused, KN Prudhvi Raj, is the son of a politician who influenced the ACA decision. The most painful part for him was that despite risking his body for Andhra Pradesh, they treated him like “nobody”.

Hanuma Vihari put all the blame on ACA, claiming that the management does not want the team to grow. He also claimed that he was humiliated and because of that he lost self-respect, so he would leave the captaincy and never return.

“This post is about some facts that I want to state. I was the captain in the first match against Bengal, during that match I shouted at player number 17 and he complained to his father (who is a politician), his father in return asked the Association to take action against me.” – Vihari wrote.

“The sad thing is that the association thinks that the players have to listen to everything they say and that the players are there because of them. I felt humiliated and ashamed but I haven’t expressed it until today. I have decided that I will never play in Andhra, where I lost self-respect.” – Vihari concluded.

What was the ACA’s response?

In response to these allegations, the Andhra Cricket Association issued a press release informing that a detailed investigation will be carried out in the coming days. Yesterday it became known that a transparent trial will be carried out between the complainant and the accused.

But in the early hours of Wednesday morning, India Today revealed several emails from the past. One of the emails was about Hanuma Vihari apologizing to ACA in June 2023, while others were about Vihari’s removal from the captaincy post.

These emails stated that Hanuma Vihari has a habit of abusing his players in the state team. It was also reported today that the letter signed by the Andhra players in support of Vihari was forcibly written, possibly by the player himself.

“Some players have complained to the Andhra Cricket Association that they were forced to sign under threats. “The Andhra Cricket Association will thoroughly investigate all complaints received and report the facts to the BCCI.” – said an ACA official.