Harsha Bhogle slams Virat Kohli for paid PR after Rahul Dravid’s latest move

Harsha Bhogle Virat Kohli Rahul Dravid

Cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle has slammed Virat Kohli and also praised former India head coach Rahul Dravid for his straightforwardness. It is well known that paid PRs are a norm nowadays and many celebrities use it to their advantage.

At the same time, Rahul Dravid, who is known to be a simple man and is much loved by people across the world, does not fully believe in such things and is more focused on his work. Recently, Dravid ended his tenure as India’s head coach on a high note as India clinched the 2024 T20 World Cup title.

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Harsha Bhogle takes a ‘paid PR’ dig at Virat Kohli

In his post on X, Rahul Dravid praised Rahul Dravid for his simplicity and advised others to adopt this trait in their respective professions. At the same time, he launched a brutal criticism at Indian legend Virat Kohli.

“In a world where ‘come see me’ is a disease and paid PR is an acceptable way of life, Rahul Dravid makes humility look cool. It’s what we should strive for in our profession – to achieve greatness and let it be up to us,” Harsha Bhogle posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Rahul Dravid is not only admired in India but also across the world. His approach to the game is truly impressive, which is why he rarely finds any detractors. His straightforward, work-focused and hard-working approach makes him a true gentleman of the game of cricket.

Rahul Dravid’s tenure as India coach

The 2024 T20 World Cup was Dravid’s first ever ICC tournament win, either as a player or a coach. Before this win, he had come close to winning an ICC trophy twice, in the 2003 ODI World Cup final as a player and in the 2023 ODI World Cup final as a coach. But on both occasions, India lost the final to Australia, adding to Dravid’s misery.

However, in 2024, India did not let the opportunity go and clinched the T20 World Cup title after a gap of 17 years. This was India’s first ICC title in 11 years.

Rahul Dravid began his tenure as India’s head coach after the country failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the 2021 T20 World Cup. He had a great time working alongside captain Rohit Sharma as he took India to new heights. India’s winning record improved significantly under Dravid’s leadership as they proved to be a powerhouse across formats.

Last year, India reached three ICC tournament finals with Rahul Dravid as India coach. India lost the World Test Championship (WTC) finals and the ODI World Cup final in 2023 but emerged as T20 World Cup champions in 2024 to end Dravid’s tenure on a high note.