ICC World Cup Ranking

ICC World Cup 2023, ICC World Cup Points Table

ICC World Cup Ranking: the long awaited ICC World Cup 2023 it’s only a handful of months away. The 13th edition of the quadrennial event is scheduled to be played in October-November. For the first time, India will host the tournament as the sole host. In the past, India had co-sponsored the competition as many as three times: 1987, 1996 and 2011.

ICC World Cup 2023 Teams and Formats:

A total of 10 teams will participate in the next edition of the ICC World Cup or the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. The format of the competition will be similar to the 2019 edition: a round-robin stage followed by knockouts.

In the round-robin stage, each team will play the other nine teams once. A team will receive 2 points for a win, while for no result, both teams will get 1 point each. The top four teams will then make it to the semifinals. The first-place team will face the fourth-place team in the semifinal, while the second- and third-place teams will play each other for a spot in the title decider.

ICC World Cup Teams:

Ten teams will participate in the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023. While India has booked its place in the competition as host, the other nine teams will have to do so through qualifying events. The main route to the ICC World Cup is the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League. The top seven teams in the competition, along with hosts India, have sealed an automatic qualification to the main event.

The remaining two spots will be decided by a qualifying event scheduled to take place in Zimbabwe in June-July. The remaining five teams in the Super League table, the top three teams from the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 and the top two teams from the 2023 World Cup Qualifying Playoff will participate in the qualifier.

Hosts India and England, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and South Africa have booked their places for the ICC Super League World Cup. On the other hand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Oman, Scotland, the United Arab Emirates and the United States will participate in the Qualifiers for the remaining two places.

ICC World Cup Ranking:

The ICC World Cup Qualification or ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League Qualification was finalized following the conclusion of the three-match ODI series between Ireland and Bangladesh. The league started in July 2020 and ended in May 2023.

A total of 13 teams featured in the Super League: 12 ICC full members and the Netherlands, who qualified for the event after winning the 2015-17 ICC World Cricket League Championship. Each team earned 10 points for a win, five for a draw/no result/game abandoned, and zero for a loss.

Coming to the ICC World Cup Ranking, New Zealand has finished as the highest ranked team with 175 points. Reigning 50+ world champions England and Bangladesh are second and third on the list with 155 points, followed by India and Pakistan who have 139 and 130 points respectively.

ICC World Cup Ranking:

Range Equipment Matches Cattle Lost Tied Without results Points NRR Penalty Overs
1 New Zealand (Q) 24 sixteen 5 0 3 175 0.914
2 England (Q) 24 fifteen 8 0 1 155 0.976
3 Bangladesh (Q) 24 fifteen 8 0 1 155 0.22
4 India (host) (Q) twenty-one 13 6 0 2 139 0.782 1
5 Pakistan (Q) twenty-one 13 8 0 0 130 0.108
6 Australia (Q) 18 12 6 0 0 120 0.785
7 Afghanistan (Q) fifteen eleven 3 0 1 115 0.573
8 South Africa (Q) twenty-one 9 10 2 2 98 -0.077 2
9 West Indies 24 9 fifteen 0 0 88 -0.738 2
10 Sri Lanka 24 7 14 0 3 81 -0.369 4
eleven Ireland 24 6 fifteen 0 3 73 -0.357 2
12 Zimbabwe 24 6 17 0 1 Sixty-five -0.952
13 Netherlands 24 3 twenty 0 1 35 -1,091