Nasser Hussain criticizes Ben Stokes for his opinion on Zak Crawley’s controversial DRS decision

Ben Stokes and Nasser Hussain

Former England Captain Nasser Hussain has applauded current England captain Ben Stokes for blaming decision review system technology when Zak Crawley was awarded for a controversial lbw that was originally declared not out by the on-field umpire. Crawley was playing very aggressively and if the decision had gone in his favour, England could have walked away from Vizag with a 2-0 lead.

Nasser Hussain answered questions from around the world in the “Ask Nasser” section of the Mail Online media outlet. He was asked questions by journalists and cricket fans alike that revolved mainly around England’s five-match Test series tour of India.

A person called Matt Davies would ask the 55-year-old what he thought about Ben Stokes trying to dismiss DRS technology by stating: “The technology got that wrong” after the match ended in a 106-run defeat for his team.

To put it in context, what happened was that during the last ball bowled by Kuldeep Yadav in the fourth innings, his orthodox left-arm wrist spin landed and went straight towards Zak Crawley, who missed the entire line and remained trapped in his follow-up. -through.

At first it appeared that the ball was missing a leg as it had tilted towards the leg side after the delivery and the on-field umpire would signal no out after the bowler and his teammates headed towards he. While the referee shook his head, Rohit Sharma, due to Kuldeep’s insistence, took the DRS and to everyone’s surprise, it worked.

Ball tracking showed that the ball did not deviate much despite the first glance and went straight into the leg stump. Joy and happiness filled the ACA-VDCA Stadium in Vizag as India finally got out the dangerous man who was showing glimpses of a game-changing knock that could have been a hundred or even a double hundred, given the form Crawley was in. .

But after his departure, England would eventually be bowled out for 292 and Ben Stokes appeared before the media and claimed that Crawley’s dismissal was the fault of technology.

DRS is brilliant, says Nasser Hussain weighs in on Ben Stokes comments

To get the opinion of a former cricketer, Matt Davies asked Nasser Hussain and the latter denied Ben Stokes’ comments, stating that DRS is brilliant. The 55-year-old would compare DRS to VAR technology in football, stating that the latter does not get all decisions right and that the technology cannot always be 100% correct.

“I think DRS is brilliant. Look at VAR and how football doesn’t get it right. That has not been the case in cricket. Sometimes technology is not 100 percent accurate. That’s why we have the referee’s decision.” – said Nasser Hussain in Mail Online.

“This decision seemed a bit strange and most of us would have thought it involved cutting off a leg stump. But the game is about angles, and the left-arm spinner in Kuldeep Yadav, who bowls over the wicket, creates an angle, so I don’t think we should doubt the technology.” – Hussain concluded.