“Ranji trophy should be scrapped” – Manoj Tiwary expresses anger over national tournament

Manoj Tiwary, Ranji Trophy

Bengali cricketer Manoj Tiwary expressed his anger over what is happening in the current Ranji Trophy 2023. He said the national tournament should be scrapped because it is losing its charm and importance.

The current edition of the Ranji Trophy has kept everyone interested with impressive performances from the players and teams. There has been equally high competition between bat and ball even though we are still in the early stages of the tournament.

There have been many key players in the tournament, as many young players have played magnificently well. Manoj Tiwary, who is currently the captain of Bengal, is also having a great time in Ranji Trophy 2024. Both as a captain and as a batsman, he has been at the top.

Manoj Tiwary threw a ton of energy against Assam in Guwahati. He led from the front and helped Bengal win their first match of the season. His team beat their opponents by one innings and 162 runs and gained important points early in the season.

Despite having a good time in the ongoing tournament, Manoj Tiwary called for the tournament to end permanently for the next season. He made a bold claim, saying that there are many things wrong with the tournament.

Manoj Tiwary believes that the Ranji Trophy is losing its charm and importance. He expressed frustration and said many things needed to be examined to save the prestigious tournament. On his Twitter account, he explained:

The Ranji Trophy should be removed from the calendar from next season. Many things go wrong in the tournament. Many things need to be analyzed to save this prestigious tournament that has a rich history. It is losing its charm and importance. Absolutely frustrated.”

The match against Bihar will be my last in the Ranji Trophy – Manoj Tiwary

Manoj Tiwary after that tweet posted on Facebook to talk about what made him write such comments. He said that he will play his last match against Bihar and after that he will reveal many things. The Bengal captain chose not to reveal information due to the BCCI code of conduct.

Manoj Tiwary also spoke about the sole venue of the tournament. He said that his team can’t plan anything in the locker room because no matter what their voices say, they go to the other team’s locker room. The batsman has been an incredible servant for Bengal.

Last year he ended his career but then decided to play one more season with his team.

“It was a proud moment for me to captain Bengal to the final last season. I want to try it one more time before I leave. Next year there will be no more U-turns. I want to dedicate one more year to Bengal cricket.” Tiwary had said in a press conference

Under his leadership, Bengal reached the Ranji final twice in the last three seasons. But they lost to Saurashtra on both occasions.