See: Thala for a reason! MS Dhoni’s big reveal about love affair with his jersey number

MS Dhoni with jersey number seven

Number seven and MS Dhoni have a deep love story. MSD has worn the number seven jersey throughout his international career, whether playing for India or the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL. Dhoni is the most successful Indian captain and has won all three. CPI trophies. Apart from his achievements, he also won 5 IPL titles with the Chennai Super Kings.

Whenever there is a discussion about number seven among Indian fans, the first player that comes to mind is MS Dhoni. Furthermore, MSD’s birthday is the seventh day of the seventh month of the year, which is July 7. During a public event, Dhoni was asked about his love affair with the number seven jersey.

While speaking during the event, MS Dhoni mentioned his birthday as the reason for his love affair with number seven. MSD said her birthday is July 7, 1981, so it’s easier for her to decide whenever someone asks her what jersey number she prefers.

MS Dhoni opens up about his love affair with number seven

MS Dhoni said: “That is the time or the day when my parents will come to earth. I was born on July 7th. Then July again the same month. 81 was the year so 8-1=7. So it was very easy for me to come out when they ask me ‘what number do you want’.”

Many fans also see this love story as MS Dhoni’s official entry in the ‘Thala for a Reason’ campaign. The campaign is based on celebrating the number seven and its importance for MSD. Fans connected all the natural elements that are based on the number seven and compared him to the former Indian captain.

MS Dhoni retired from the international cricket team in August 2020 and spent 15 brilliant years on the Indian cricket field. Being one of the most humble and calm players on the field, MSD is also known for his brilliant finishing skills. Dhoni used to take the game till the end and used to play big shots in difficult overs when the pressure was equal on both the teams.

On many occasions, MS Dhoni has been able to score more than 20 runs in the last over and has led India to many famous victories. Dhoni has also groomed many players like Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Yuzvendra Chahal, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah and many more.

MS Dhoni is only seen playing for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League and will return to the field in the 17th edition of the tournament. MSD has led the franchise since the first edition of the tournament and is the most successful captain in the history of the tournament. Dhoni has won a total of close to 60 per cent of the matches while leading CSK and has a winning percentage of 59.37.

In a total of 225 matches, MS Dhoni has been able to win 133 matches for CSK, while the franchise has fallen on the losing side on 91 occasions under the leadership of MSD.