“Shitty England team”: Brian Lara and Adam Gilchrist to Michael Vaughan

Brian Lara Michael Vaughan Adam Gilchrist

Former West Indies captain Brian Lara has come up with a funny reason for his impressive record with the bat against England. The former batsman is one of the most decorated batsmen of all time.

The West Indies great made his debut in international cricket in 1990 and retired in 2007. He scored a staggering 11,953 runs in 131 Test matches at an average of 52.88, with 34 centuries and 48 half-centuries and a world record of 400 not surpassed. . The legendary batsman also scored more than 10000 runs in ODIs with the help of 19 centuries and 63 half-centuries.

Although Brian Lara dominated almost every team in international cricket, he had a special liking for England. He played 30 Tests against England and scored 2983 runs at an average of over 62. He scored 7 centuries and 11 half-centuries against England. He also had two of the highest test scores (400 and 375) against the English team.

Brian Lara reveals the reason for his success against England:

Brian Lara recently appeared on a podcast with former cricketers Michael Vaughan and Adam Gilchrist and revealed the reason behind his success. The podcast host asked the legendary West Indian: “Playing against them (Australia and England), who were you more nervous against, Australia at their best or England at their best?”

In response, Brian Lara began by saying that the answer to the question is very easy. He said he was nervous when he faced England in the late 90s, when Michael Vaughan led the team.

“A very, very easy answer to that. Nervous about facing England at their best because they weren’t at their best for a long time and when I came into my career, Australia were already on top of us. It is not a fait accompli, but against Australia we always had our backs against the wall.

“But in England, in that period of the late ’90s, coming into the 21st century, when they started to accelerate with people like Vaughany (Michael Vaughan) in charge and Flintoff (Andrew Flintoff),” Brian Lara said.

Vaughan was quick to interrupt and asked Brian Lara, “Brian, I was going to ask you that. Your record is incredible. You’ve got 500 playing for Warwickshire. You beat my team for 400. You beat another England team for 375. Was it just that you liked to pick on the England team or was it that we were just shit?

Gilchrist then hilariously interrupted by saying: “Yeah, the latest” before Lara left everyone in splits by agreeing with the former Australia goalkeeper and saying: “I think it’s the latest.”