T20 World Cup 2024: Rohit Sharma exposed on Live TV for this weakness

Rohit Sharma and Wasim Jaffer

Former Indian batsman Wasim Jaffer has shared his thoughts on Mumbai Indians (MI) opener Rohit Sharma’s struggles against left-arm spinners in the ongoing IPL 2024, as the Indian captain has been struggling to maintain the form ahead of the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2024.

Jaffer noted Rohit’s difficulties against left-arm spinners due to the placement of his front leg, which makes it difficult for him to handle deliveries that tilt towards him. Even right-handed bowlers have exploited this weakness, but left-handed bowlers pose a unique challenge to Rohit with the angle of him.

While acknowledging that Rohit was aware of his weaknesses, Jaffer praised the Indian captain’s strategy of counter-attacking to unsettle the players and minimize the impact of his vulnerability.

Rohit Sharma’s drop in form raises alarm bells in India

However, Jaffer pointed out instances like Trent Boult’s dismissal with an off-swinger and poor timing against Khaleel and said there is room for improvement for Rohit in handling such deliveries.

Meanwhile, Rohit has had a mixed IPL 2024 season with the bat. His recent performances, especially in the last three innings, have been below average as he has failed to cross the ten-run mark. This drop in form has raised concerns with the 2024 T20 World Cup looming on the horizon.

A notable trend in Sharma’s dismissals during the ongoing IPL 2024 has been his struggle against left-arm pacers. The right-handed batsman has been dismissed by left-arm fast bowlers five times this season, with Trent Boult, Sam Curran, Khaleel Ahmed and Mohsin Khan bringing out the best in him.

Rohit has had a history against left-handed players in the past, but adopted the counter-attacking strategy to manage his weakness. However, the resurgence of his weakness and poor form is a big concern for India because many quality left backs will be participating in the upcoming mega event and will try to make the most of the Indian captain’s weakness against him.

Had his problems against left-arm spinners: Wasim Jaffer

Wasim Jaffer was quoted by ESPNCricinfo: “He had problems against left-arm spinners. From the way he plants his front paw, you can always sense that anything that comes close will bother him. Even right-handed bowlers have found a way to get it out. But lefties create an angle that makes it more difficult. In the recent past, he pursued them; he tries to hit them and sometimes walks towards the bowler to nullify the swing.”

Jaffer further noted: “He had his problems. I thought Trent Boult swung it really well, something he wouldn’t have expected. He poorly planned a campaign against Khaleel, so I won’t call it a well-planned firing. But there’s a gap in his game that he knows about. He tries to fight back and get them out of line with him, and that’s smart of him. He tries to avoid the problem by using his attacking skills.”

In the end, Jaffer suggested that Rohit should take a more patient approach at the start of his innings, emphasizing the need to spend some time adjusting rather than attempting an aggressive approach early. Furthermore, he advised Rohit to focus on timing the ball instead of relying solely on the power of the stroke. However, Jaffer expressed concern about the upcoming clashes against Rohit’s left-arm bowlers, highlighting them as potential challenges for the Indian captain.