"top celebrity" – Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer and Will Jacks bow to Virat Kohli before the IND vs ENG semi-final

Virat Kohli

England captain Jos Buttler, Jofra Archer and Will Jacks spoke about their admiration for Indian batsman Virat Kohli ahead of the semi-final between the teams of the T20 World Cup 2024. The match between the two teams will take place on 27 June. (Thursday) at Guyana’s Providence Stadium.

Going into the match, Virat Kohli will be one of the key factors for India. Although he has not been at his best in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024, he will still hold the key for the team in the game. This is because of what he has achieved for the team over the last decade across all three formats.

It’s fair to say that with the kind of player Virat Kohli has been, he can’t be ruled out. The batsman has always stepped up for his team in big games and it will not be a surprise if he makes a big impact for the team in the semi-final at the Providence Stadium in Guyana.

Virat Kohli, who scored 66 runs in 6 sixes in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024, would be eager to perform in the semi-final and help his team win the game and it is fair to say that there would not be a bigger stage. What a semi-final to get back to form.

England captain Jos Buttler is well aware of the quality that Virat Kohli brings. He said that the batsman is the key player of his team and pointed out how the right-hander added a few more shots to his game during IPL 2024.

While calling Virat Kohli a top-notch celebrity, Jos Buttler added that the batsman has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He added:

“Watching Virat over the years and playing against him, there’s obviously that fierce competitive drive and determination to be the best, I think, and be the key player. Just watching him bat a lot in the last IPL, it seemed to add a few snippets of his game and playing in a slightly different way and showing how successful he can be, which is what we’ve talked about.

“If you want to have a long career, you have to keep improving and find things to work on. So yeah, he has. And I think one of the biggest things I admire is how he can perform so well.” “She’s a real A-list celebrity. I imagine she has a lot of pressure from the nation on her shoulders, but it seems like she takes it all in stride.”

Jofra Archer and Will Jacks talk about Virat Kohli ahead of the semi-final

Jofra Archer also spoke about Virat Kohli and said that the batsman can take away his game and the players are just waiting for him to have a bad day. He stated:

“It’s a different set of emotions every time you’re born, I think because on his day, he can take your game away from you. So, hopefully, you’ll have him on the days when he has a bad day.”

Will Jacks, who played with Virat Kohli at Royal Challengers Bengaluru, said that while Virat Kohli is fierce on the field, his off-field nature is very calm and he enjoys spending time with him in the locker room. He explained:

“I think Virat off the field is very, very calm. He’s quite calm. He obviously spends a lot of time with his family and loved ones. You can see that. And he’s a really nice guy. I really enjoy spending time with him in the locker room.

“I think everyone sees what he’s like on the pitch. He’s obviously a bully, he gives it his all, 150%. And that’s really cool to see. Obviously, I’d seen it on TV, but it was nice to see what he did. He was like that off the pitch as well.”