Vertigo casts doubt on Smith's participation against Afghanistan

Vertigo casts doubt on Smith's participation against Afghanistan

There are doubts over Steven Smith’s involvement in Australia’s match against Afghanistan tomorrow in Mumbai. Smith has had vertigo and said on the eve of the match that he “wasn’t feeling very well at the moment” but that he was hopeful of being fit for the game.

“I’ve had a bit of vertigo the last day, so it’s been a bit annoying,” Smith said before training at Wankhede. “Hopefully I can finish training today and be okay. But yeah, it’s not a nice place to be. From time to time, I’ve had some episodes.” [before]so I can tell you it’s not the most fun space to be in, but yeah, I’ll go out and have a drink. [in the nets] And hopefully he’ll be fine and we’ll see how it goes.”

Asked if the problem would put him in doubt for Australia’s eighth league stage match with his place in the semi-finals not yet confirmed, Smith said: “No, I think I’ll be fine. Yeah, I’m not feeling very good. “For now, I’ll take a swing and see how we go, so I hope everything is okay.”

Shortly after the press conference, Smith went on to bat in the nets without any visible discomfort initially. He began by facing some tackles from Australia’s support staff before taking a short break, during which he batted behind the nets. He soon returned to facing more takedowns, while rotating in the nets with Glenn Maxwell, and showed off his trademark striking that included flicks and drives. He also went down the track while unleashing some elevated drives.

Smith then switched to the other nets, where he only faced various types of local spinners for a long period to prepare for the possible threat that Afghanistan’s spin attack could pose. Later, however, he began to look quite unwell and was on all fours behind the nets while he was still padded and was also seen holding his head in apparent pain as he lay down on the ground. He soon left the field with one of the support staff while his teammates continued hitting the nets.*

Smith has also previously spoken about his problems with vertigo. Last year, when he was recovering from a concussion he had suffered while playing against Sri Lanka in a T20I at the SCG, Smith said he had also had a “vertigo incident” which had made his recovery difficult.
In the seven innings of this World Cup so far, Smith has not been at his best, although he has made a few starts. He has scored 205 runs, at an average of 29.28 per innings and an average of just 86.13, with a half-century. Smith admitted that his performance had been “a little disappointing at times.”

“Yeah, it’s been a little disappointing at times,” he said. “I’ve been in the middle of some partnerships which have certainly helped me build a foundation, but yeah, I definitely would have liked to have continued with this a little bit longer. I’ve gone into some difficult surfaces, obviously. The first one against India was tough, the from South Africa where I felt I was batting well, kind of a questionable weight and then I got a good one early, I guess, against Sri Lanka.

“I was batting very well against Holland and then I batted reasonably the other day against England. So yeah, a couple of starts where I would have liked to continue a little bit more, but it didn’t happen that way. But I still feel like I’m hitting the ball quite a bit.” well, so I’m hoping for some runs at the end of the tournament.”

*This story was updated after Smith’s latest posts on the networks.