Virat Kohli’s IPL trophy dream ignited after RCB’s WPL triumph, batsman issues stern warning to teams

Virat Ko

Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) batsman Virat Kohli spoke about his desire to win the franchise trophy in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He said that his dream has been to win the title and I hope they can achieve it this season.

Virat Kohli has been an integral part of the Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) since 2008. He has made the franchise a global brand and has been the team’s leading run-getter with over 7000 runs. which is also the highest in the league.

While every player in the league has played for more than one franchise, Virat Kohli’s royalty for RCB has been outstanding. He has been playing for the same franchise since his debut and has made sure to play with the same commitment in every game of the season.

The only thing in Virat Kohli’s arsenal is the IPL title. RCB failed to win the trophy but the upcoming IPL 2024 will be a great opportunity for them to get the trophy in their hands. There is a feeling of positivity in the camp, especially after the women’s team won WPL 2024.

Virat Kohli spoke about RCB’s win in the WPL, saying it was incredible and pointing out that the franchise’s fan base was a class apart from others. Speaking to the Royal Challengers Bengaluru, he stated:

“Incredible, absolutely incredible. When they won, we were all watching it. And at that point, you realize the feeling of the fanbase in its absolutely purest form, in its true potential. I say this because I felt that the city won. If you look at the fan attendance during all the matches played by the RCB women’s team, there was no comparison. And 30,000 people for the final; Here I also heard a full stadium when they played. So these are special things.”

Virat Kohli further said that the team’s fan base was created over a long period of 16 years. He noted that it is all due to the commitment and passion with which the team has played. He promised that he would continue playing with the same commitment. He added:

“That is what is created over a long period. It’s not something that happens in a couple of years. So, 16 years of loyalty, passion and commitment from the fans. It is because of the commitment and passion with which we have played cricket for so many years. That is unbreakable and will never change. And that is always my commitment every year. To the fans, to the team, to everyone involved.”

It is also kind of a dream of mine for so many years to know what it feels like to win the IPL – Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli further said that he wants to be part of the group that wins the IPL for the first time. She said that she wants to see what it feels like to win the title and that he will give his best in the next season. He added:

“Hopefully we can combine it with the trophies. That will be something really special. I’ll always be here. He tries to be part of that group that wins it for the first time. I will do the best I can.

“With my skills, with my experience to be able to do that for the fans, for the franchise. “It’s also kind of a dream of mine for so many years to know what it feels like to win the IPL, so hopefully this year.”