Vivi Richards

Vivi Richards
Vivi Richards.

Who was he? An Antiguan cricketer from the’70s,’80s and’90s.

Why he is flashed back Because he’s considered, along with Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar, to be the topmost cricketer of all time.

What happed to him? He retired in 1993 through the species of Glamorgan Cricket Club. He presently works as an occasional judge and is the world minister for the Delhi Devils, an Indian League platoon.

Did you know that? Born in Antigua and Barbuda, at an transnational position he played for the West Indies platoon( which, as I told you at the time, brings together 15 countries).

He – he’s a Knight of the Order of the British Empire and has the title of’ joe’.

– He led the West Indies platoon in the first two justice World Mugs, in 1975 and 1979, in which the Caribbean won the title.

– There’s a colosseum named after him in Antigua and Barbuda.

– In his autobiography, published in 1981, he explains that his refined fashion as a megahit was acquired playing in the thoroughfares as a child.

– He was captain of the West Indies for seven times.

– With him as captain, the platoon noway lost a game.

– He has two sons with his woman
and a son out of connubiality, after a brief relationship with Indian actress Neena Gupta. Their son, Masaba Gupta, is a developer.

– He’s a addict of football in general and Liverpool FC in particular.

– He’s1.78 measures altitudinous.

memoir, honors, statistics Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards was born inSt. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda, on March 7, 1952. He developed his career in clubs similar as Leeward islets, Somerset CCC, Queensland or Glamorgan. With the West Indies platoon he played 121 tests and was world champion doubly.