Watch: “Jo dusre No. 18 ne…” – Smriti Mandhana’s stylish response to Virat Kohli comparisons steals the show

Smriti Mandhana and Virat Kohli

India women’s team batsman Smriti Mandhana rejected all comparisons between her and India men’s team stalwart batsman Virat Kohli after the former helped RCB clinch their first major silver medal. Mandhana, who wears shirt no. 18, like Kohli, made this statement while speaking to PTI recently after an event following his team’s victory in WPL Season 2.

During that interaction, Smriti Mandhana was asked to make comparisons with Virat Kohli as both of them are top-order batsmen, play for Royal Challengers Bangalore and are key players of the Indian national team. On Sunday, Mandhana became the first RCB captain to win the coveted Premier League trophy in just her second attempt, while Kohli has not won any since 2008.

Mandhana says what Virat Kohli has done can ‘never’ be done before

Responding to the media reporter’s question, Smriti Mandhana stated that regardless of the fact that she won the WPL title before Virat Kohli won the IPL, it does not take anything away from what he has done in his career. Mandhana stated that the comparison is not right, especially when it comes to someone like Kohli and that his career has developed differently from that of the former India captain.

Mandhana further stated that Virat Kohli is an inspiring figure for her and winning titles does not define anything as it is greatness that defines a player. She also asked that there be a lot of respect for Kohli in the Indian cricket fraternity and that the 36-year-old should be at the top.

“The title is one thing, but what the other No. 18 has achieved for India is something very big. So I don’t think the comparison is right in terms of where my career is and what he’s already accomplished. So I don’t like comparisons because what he has accomplished in his career has been really great.”

“He has been a truly inspiring person. The title does not define many things. And we all respect him, and I feel that the respect in Indian cricket has to be there, at the level of Virat. So for me there is also nothing different,” said Smriti Mandhana via PTI.

She then shed light on the similarity between her and Kohli’s jersey number 18. To this, Mandhana stated that it is absolutely nothing more than a mere comparison created by the media without knowing that her date of birth is actually 18 and choosing a jersey number is solely a personal choice.

Smriti Mandhana highlights her different style of play

She stated that Virat Kohli plays cricket differently and she plays cricket differently but the former is indeed an inspiration for many of us in many aspects apart from the game of cricket.

“So, I wouldn’t really call it 18-18, really anything. It is an inspiration; The jersey number is just a personal choice. Does not define. My date of birth is 18 and that’s why I have 18 on my back. It doesn’t really define how he plays cricket or how I play cricket. He has been an inspiration to us in many ways, so I would really say that title should not define anything,” Mandhana concluded.

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