‘We shouldn’t doubt the tracker’: Dinesh Karthik and Harsha Bhogle discuss Zak Crawley’s LBW incident

Dinesh Karthik and Harsha Bhogle discuss Zak Crawley's LBW decision

England captain Ben Stokes showed his disbelief with batsman Zak Crawley’s LBW decision during the second innings of the second Test against India. Crawley was caught in front by Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav. However, at first, the referee did not announce it because at first glance it seemed that the ball was sliding downwards. However, India opted for DRS and the replay showed that the ball hit the stumps and the decision was overturned.

While speaking at the press conference after the IND vs ENG second test match, Ben Stokes raised questions over the batsman’s dismissal. Stokes added that since everyone says that technology is not 100 percent correct, it is very fair to say that technology was wrong in the Zak Crawley case. He said it was his personal opinion.

Harsha Bhogle and Dinesh Karthik discuss Zak Crawley’s LBW incident

While there was a lot of controversy surrounding Zak Crawley’s dismissal, Indian wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik and cricket expert Harsha Bhogle explained the entire situation. While speaking on Cricbuzz, Harsha and Karthik chatted about the entire incident. During the conversation, Harsha said that at first it seemed like the ball was sliding and would not reach the leg stump.

Harsha Bhogle said that there are cameras installed near the wickets and they also indicate the trajectory of the ball. Bhogle spoke about the camera position and added that the ball only rotated two degrees. Harsha said that he was a little surprised because the ball didn’t do enough to miss the stumps.

He said: “Everyone saw it and we said no, it was going for the leg side. We have window-to-window cameras that will give you the trajectory and tell you if you are in line. The first replay you see is from the rotating view camera, which is a little further away because it has to be to the left or right of the window-to-window camera. If it is to the left it gives you the indication that the ball is sliding, but despite that when we saw the ball tracker it turned only 2 degrees, I was a little surprised, I thought the leg stump was missing but it just wasn’t it turned enough.”

After hearing Harsha Bhogle’s arguments, Dinesh Karthik stated that sometimes Kuldeep Yadav bowls a little slower in the air, due to which he gets some spin. However, when he throws a little faster and flatter, he gets less spin and that’s what happened in Crawley’s case. He said that there is no point in doubting the tracker since he gives a clear indication of where he is throwing the ball.

He said, “So what happens is that when Kuldeep bowls around the 80 kmph mark, he spins a lot, which means he is bowling a little slower. But this one, around 86 km/h, had thrown it much flatter and faster, and hence the lower degree of spin, which you said, only two degrees, and that’s why at impact we all thought no. “Do enough so that it doesn’t hit the stumps, I don’t think we should doubt the tracker, it definitely gives you the right information as to where the ball is projected.”

Concluding the talk, Harsha Bhogle added that he does not doubt the ball tracker. Bhogle said: “I don’t doubt it, it’s that whole first trajectory, a lot of people would have said on the first attempt, how is that going to hit the stumps?”

Zak Crawley was the only bright spot in England’s batting second Test match and was the top run-scorer in both innings of the match.