What is cricket, its history and features of the cricket field?

What is cricket, its history and features of the cricket field?

What is cricket, its history and features of the cricket field

What is cricket, its history and features of the cricket field?

Cricket is another bat and ball game like baseball played by two opposing teams with 11 players. The game is played on a field called a cricket field, in the center of which is a 20-meter field. There are two wickets at the two ends of the field. And these wickets consist of two arches that balance on three slopes ..


Cricket is a bit tricky because it is a game of British origin and is generally popular in Commonwealth countries. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible. The game has two roles; batting side and field side. Both teams change roles at different times, which are called innings. During one period, the kickers attempt to complete their runs while the field team players try to deflect the kickers.

To score a run, the batsman hits the ball with the batsman and sends it away from the outfield players. Thus, while the outfield players try to catch the ball and hit the wicket, the striker and non-striker (the batsman and his teammate) run the length of the field (22 yards or 20 meters). They cross each other and reach each other and the field. This event is an account. The number of times the batsman runs the ball counts.

On the other hand, the field team tries to hit the wicket with the ball. And if they manage to do this before the batsman completes the run, they will manage to fire that player. When the field team disbands all opponents, the service ends and the teams change roles. Both teams play roles in the same way, and the one with the most points wins the game.

General History of Cricket

General history of cricket
The game of cricket dates back to the mid-16th century in South East England. And the game became popular with the expansion of the British Empire. This game is distributed in India, Australia and other neighboring countries, the UK and South Africa. Today the game is managed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the rules, the Laws of Cricket, are set by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London.

According to historians, the game is considered child’s play. The first known official record of the game is a court case over the ownership of the estate. According to the case, the game was played by boys in Surrey, England, around 1550. By that time, the game had spread first to the United Kingdom and then to the Commonwealth countries, making it an international sport.

The Features of the Cricket Field

Features of the cricket field
A cricket field is a large lawn where professional teams play their matches. The field is usually oval. But there are other shapes as well, such as a circle, a longer oval, or irregular shapes. There are no definite sizes, but the diameter of the field ranges from 137 to 150 meters. A cricket field consists of several parts:

The large personal plot,
In field,
The most important part of this field is the field, which is in the center of the field. So what is a cricket field made of? It usually consists of natural or artificial ingredients, as long as it is flat. The surface of the field is usually a clay swath or grass surface. And the rest of the field is grass. Traditionally, the entire field was made from natural grass. But today, most of the fields are artificial grass.

Artificial turf in cricket fields and courts has many benefits. First of all, artificial grass is a durable and high-tech material for cricket fields. Also, artificial grass provides perfect coverage and leveling of the field. On the other hand, artificial grass provides the excellent bouncing ability. Thus, these features of the cricket field improve the quality of the game, allowing the players to show their talents.

On the other hand, artificial grass is very effective in preventing sports injuries. Since the surface is soft and ideal for unintentional falls, it will help players play longer without injury.

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