‘You also question his thoughts’: Shreyas Iyer’s sensible verdict on ‘mentor’ Gautam Gambhir

Gautam Gambhir and Shreyas Iyer

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) captain Shreyas Iyer has praised mentor Gautam Gambhir for the Indian Premier League (IPL) victory in 2024. He said that when the former India captain joined the franchise, he knew his importance, since he always gets it right.

Kolkata Knight Riders, under the leadership of Shreyas Iyer and the mentorship of Gautam Gambhir, won the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. They were dominant throughout the tournament and clinched their third title.

Gautam Gambhir played a pivotal role in Kolkata Knight Riders winning their third league title. The franchise roped him in ahead of IPL 2024 and he made sure to make an immediate impact and lead his team to glory.

Gautam Gambhir changed the teams’ fortunes with his plans. He promoted Sunil Narine to the top and that move proved to be a turning point. The all-rounder scored close to 500 runs and potentially his contribution at the top made the difference for the team.

While Gautam Gambhir was the main man behind the scenes, it was Shreyas Iyer who led the team magnificently on the field. The batsman led the team magnificently and the way he rotated the bowlers was tremendous. It was a proper team effort by Kolkata Knight Riders as almost every player contributed.

Shreyas Iyer, while talking about the importance of Gautam Gambhir in Kolkata Knight Riders, highlighted that he played with him before and praised the mentor for his attitude. Speaking on his YouTube channel, he explained:

“Gautam Gambhir, when it was announced that he is part of the KKR family. “I knew the importance of him because she had played with him in the past and the character and attitude he possesses as an individual is simply second to none.”

He is proactive – Shreyas Iyer on Gautam Gambhir

Shreyas Iyer further termed Gautam Gambhir as proactive and added that the mentor is doing well. aware of how the game is played. He admitted that sometimes his thoughts are questionable, but the former KKR player always gets it right. He added:

“He is a proactive person, entrepreneurial in his thought process. He knows how the game is played and, being under his guidance, he learns a lot. He sometimes also asks about his thoughts, but most of the time he gets it right.”

Kolkata Knight Riders won 9 matches in the league stage and then dominated the playoffs. They defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad in Qualifier 1 and then in the final to win the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. The way they played the entire tournament, they looked like favorites to win from the start. They were in the top half of the table from the start and played a dominant brand of cricket.