Young Gun Rejects Sunil Gavaskar’s Statement About ‘Another MS Dhoni Statement’, Says ‘I Just Want to Be Dhruv Jurel’

MS Dhoni, Dhruv Jurel

India wicketkeeper-batsman Dhruv Jurel gave a candid response after Sunil Gavaskar compared him to former India captain MS Dhoni. He said that no one can replicate what he Chennai Super Kings The CSK captain has done it and there is no one like him.

Dhruv Jurel impressed many with his heroics in the Test series against England. The wicketkeeper-batsman played a huge role in India winning the series by a margin of 4-1. The wicketkeeper-batsman showed great composure and maturity in the series and helped India win the games.

Dhruv Jurel made his debut for India in the third Test. But his best moment came during the Ranchi Test, when the team was down and he stood tall for the team. In the first innings, he played a vital 95 innings and helped his team get closer to England’s target.

If this was not enough, Dhruv Jurel played another blind in the second inning of the game. He helped the team chase the target and played 39 unbeaten innings. The wicketkeeper-batsman stepped up for the team when they were under pressure and batted sensibly to take the team home.

Dhurv Jurel’s heroics in the series against England made batting great Sunil Gavaskar compare the young batsman with the great MS Dhoni. He had said that the way the young wicketkeeper-batsman played and assessed the situation gave shade to Dhoni.

Dhruv Jurel has now reacted to Sunil Gavaskar’s praise, saying that no one can replicate MS Dhoni because he is a legend. The bouncer declared that he wanted to be Dhruv Jurel. Speaking during the India Today conclave, he stated:

“Thank you very much Mr. Gavaskar for comparing me with Mr. Dhoni. But I want to say personally that no one can replicate what Mr. Dhoni has done. There is only one Dhoni. He always was and always will be. For me, I just want to be Dhruv Jurel. Whatever I do, I want to do it like Dhruv Jurel. But Dhoni sir is a legend and will always be that way.”

For me, IPL has not reduced the love for Test cricket – Dhruv Jurel

Dhruv Jurel further said that the feeling of receiving the Test cap has not sunk in and he wants to play Test cricket. He said that even though the IPL revolves around his love for Test cricket, it is also about him. He added:

“It hasn’t sunk in yet (getting the Test cap and picking the man of the match). It was a pleasure to play Tests, the purest form of cricket. I was sure that one day I would play Test cricket and it has been a dream come true moment for me. I always wanted to play Tests.

“When I played Under-19, my goal was to play 200 Tests, which I later realized was not possible. (For me) IPL has not reduced the love for (Test) cricket. When I bought the slouch cap (India test cap), it was a completely different feeling. There is no competition (between the two). Test cricket is on a different level.”

Dhruv Jurel will next be seen in action for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL. The league will begin March 22nd.