The 5 batsmen to score the highest runs in women’s cricket 

The 5 batsmen to score the highest runs in women's cricket 

The 5 batsmen to score the highest runs in women’s cricket 


The progress of women’s international one-day cricket, which began in 1973, has been very slow, but has become quite popular at present. Like men’s cricket, batsmen are currently eyeing ODIs and T20s in women’s cricket. Along with the audience, the media has also become very interested in women’s cricket.

In men’s cricket, batsmen like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and David Warner bowled out the bowlers for 22 yards, and the current women cricketers are playing the 22 yards pitch with great skill. The batsmen’s exceptional batting should leave every match tense. Let’s see, the list of top batsmen in the top 5 batsmen of international women’s cricket .

5. Stephanie Taylor (West Indies)

Stephanie Taylor is one of the best all-rounders in women’s ODI. Taylor has shown great skill in captaining the team with a great performance in bat. Under her leadership, the West Indies became champions for the first time in the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup. Stephanie Taylor has become one of the team’s most trusted all-rounders since making her debut against the Irish at the age of 17 in Ireland. He captained the Twenty20 team and the ODI team the following year.

Taylor has played 120 matches for the team since making his debut. In 117 innings, he came out to bat, scoring an average of 43.17 runs. Apart from 4447 half-centuries, he scored 33 unbeaten centuries. Of this, his career-best was 171 runs against Sri Lanka. The career of the West Indies all-rounder has a long way to go. If you can maintain continuity, you will leave behind many legendary women cricketers.

4. Karen Rolton (Australia)

Karen Rolton was one of the top-order batsmen in the Australian women’s cricket team. Apart from batting, this cricketer was very good at bowling. Even Karen Rolton, who has served as vice-captain for five years, served as the team’s chief captain following the retirement of another Australian captain, Barinda Clarke. The Australian batsman, however, retired from his cricketing career in the 2009th year.

Karen Rolton played 171 matches for Australia in her 14-year international cricket career. He scored 48.14 while batting on 132 runs. She scored an unbeaten innings of 107 runs in 33 fifties and 8 centuries in the final match of women’s World Cup cricket in 2005. Australia won the title of champion by defeating India in the good news of that century. Karen Rolton also played a career-best 154 not out in 2000 in another Women’s Cricket World Cup.

3. Belinda Clarke (Australia)

As the first cricketer in any case, set a record of touching the milestone of two hundred runs in an innings in international ODI cricket . He was named the best opening batsman in the Australian team in 1991 and then led the team for 11 years from 1994 to 2005. With his outstanding leadership, Australia won the 1997 and 2005 Women’s World Cup cricket champions.

The greatest captain in Australian cricket history ended his long 14-year cricket career in 2005. Clarke played 118 matches for the team before retiring. Batting in 114 matches, he scored 47.59 runs for 4,844 runs. He completed 5 of 30 half-centuries. A career-best 229 runs were played against Denmark in the 1997 Women’s World Cup.

2. Charlotte Edward (England)

Former England captain Charlotte Edward is one of the best names in international women’s cricket. He was one of the top order in the England team. Apart from his impressive performance with the bat, he also excelled at leading the team. Even with the ball, he gave a break in the team to Charlett Edward at crucial times.

The veteran cricketer retired in 2016 after a 21-year long cricket career. Edward played 191 matches for the team before retiring. Batting at 180, he has scored 5,992 runs at 38.16. He has scored 46 half-centuries and nine anonymous centuries. He played a career-best 173 not out against Ireland.

1. Mithali Raj (India)

Mithali Raj reached the milestone of 60,000 runs as the only batsman in international women’s ODI cricket. One of India’s best batsmen is often compared to other legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Apart from being the highest run-scorer in ODI cricket, there is another commonality between these two Indian cricketers, both of whom have made their mark in international cricket from a very young age.

This right-handed batsman is also a symbol of India’s batting confidence. At the age of 16, he was named the world’s number one in a 1999 cricket match for India. Mithali Raj’s cricket career began with an unbeaten 114-run knock against Ireland at the start of the match. He played 203 matches for India in his long 20-year ODI cricket career. Batting at 183, he has scored 6,720 runs at 51.29. He has scored 7 centuries in 52 fifties. He played a career-best 125 not out against Sri Lanka.


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