Best World Fastest Bowlers 2021

Best World Fastest Bowlers 2021

Best World Fastest Bowlers 2021

What is essentially a game of bat and ball, however, is more a matter of pace and shooting. Cricket is indeed the gentleman’s game, but pacing is the top priority here. Whether he’s running between the wickets or running for delivery or even running behind him, cricket demands as steady a pace as it demands technique. And indeed, cricketers all over the world offer so much in the game with speed across the board. Here are the best international cricketers who can claim to be the fastest bowler in the world with their stimulated attacks.

Mitchell Starc (Australia)

World’s Fastest Bowler Mitchel StarcSource: Cricket Australia
The distinction for being the fastest bowler in the world right now goes to Australian Mitchell Starc. His delivery against New Zealand’s Ross Taylor in 2015 at WACA on the third day of the second test match recorded a fast 3 km / h, confirming his position as one of the fastest in the game. With this installment, the southpaw bowler from New South Wales also recorded his name in the record books, courtesy of being the man who recorded the fastest delivery in Test cricket history.

Also the fastest pacemaker to claim 100 wickets in just 52 innings, Mitchell Starc has spearheaded the Australian pacing attack since he made his international debut in 2010. Among the most feared bowlers in the game today, the young Starc has been vital. in affirming the Australian cricket team’s position as a formidable opponent on the international stage.

Wahab Riaz (Pakistan)

Whatever your current status in world cricket might be right now, but the Asian giant Pakistan has forever boasted some of the fastest bowlers in the game. And no exception to this is the current group of Pakistani pacemakers, among which the Wahab Riaz name makes this list of the world’s fastest bowler today.

An asset to the Pakistani side for more than a decade since 2008, Riaz has continually overcome the oppositions with his speed and aggression, averaging 144.8 km / h regularly. But what puts him in second place here is his T20 performance against England in the 2016-17 season when he clocked an incredible 155.1 km / h to produce a really fast spell of destructive bowling.

However, while he may be the only active player in the world besides Mitchell Starc to exceed 155 km / h, this feat by Riaz remains relatively less well known. What remains a far more memorable standout performance produced by the fast bowler is his heroic 2015 World Cup against Australia. In a quarterfinal match of the main tournament, Riaz hit a 145km / h clock against Shane Watson in a fiery bowling spell that was praised as one of the best against the Australians in his homeland. Another revolutionary spell saw this plausible player delivering 149.6 km / h against India as his fastest bet. This feat of Riaz at Edgbaston on 4 th In June 2017, during a Champions Trophy match, his reputation as one of the best fast bowlers in world cricket was strengthened.

Jasprit Bumrah (India)

World’s Fastest Bowler Jasprit Bumrah

At a top speed of 153.26 km / h is Jaspit Bumrah, who is the second consecutive man from the subcontinent to mark his place on our list. In the Adelaide Oval during the first test match of the India Tour of Australia in 2018, Bumrah with his right arm surpassed his average of 142 km / h, surpassing even his personal best speed of 148.1 km / h that he reached during the Champions League final. 2017 Trophy against Pakistan in the Oval. In the mere four years he has been wearing the tricolor, Jasprit Bumrah has managed to emerge at the forefront of the Indian rhythm attack, always delivering stellar performances with charisma and style. In his unorthodox action, as well as his ability to throw well in death overs,

Pat Cummins (Australia)

Pat cummins

Australian cricket team vice-captain Pat Cummins might be among the youngest of Australia’s current crop of rapid-fire players, but that doesn’t make him a less devastating phenomenon than anyone else in the cricket world. Hailed for not only being among the fastest bowlers in the world today, but also one of the best in the game, the 26-year-old right-hander boasts an average speed of 143.3 km / h.

But his best exclusive record was a delivery at a speed of 149.2 km / h that he achieved against England again at Edgbaston in 2017 during a Champions Trophy match. Named 2020 Cricket Player of the Year by the International Cricket Council, Cummins’ tremendous skills as a fast pitcher and lower-order right-handed hitter have made him a mainstay of Australia’s exploits in competitive cricket throughout the years. years.

Tymal Mills (England)

The country where cricket began as a national sport to eventually become one of the world’s most popular sports, England’s pathetic reputation of never having won the ICC World Cup until recently, and doubtfully nonetheless This way hampers the emergence of the country’s incredible cricket talents. One such English cricketer who is currently the fastest among the world’s bowlers is Tymal Mills. Walking close to Cummins with just two decimal points behind is once again a southpaw Mills name. His 149km / h delivery against India in 2017 in Bangalore on 1 st February is remembered not only as a destructive spell of fast bowling in international cricket, but also as one of the top five fastest deliveries still standing strong in the international arena.

Shannon Gabriel (Antilles)

Born in Trinidad and Tobago of the West Indies, Shannon Gabriel is a rare breed from the island nation that is now famous for its prominent big hitters and limited limitations, read T20 specialists. With an average bowling speed of 137.9 km / h, Gabriel might not have the greatest fear of being among the fastest bowlers, but his 2017 bowling spell against Pakistan proves otherwise. A timing of 148.2 km / h on May 10, three years ago against Pakistan during the third game of a series of tests, does justice to the consistency with which Gabriel has been doing the bowling routine.

Naseem Shah (Pakistan)

The youngest bowler to claim a hat trick in a test match, as well as the youngest bowler to make a five wicket round in a test game, the young Pakistani player Naseem Shah has been enough great in his still fledgling beginnings as an international cricketer. You have already reached one of the fastest kilometers in the game. His quick delivery of 148.1 km / h against Australia established this budding cricketer as one to be reckoned with in the world of fast-paced cricket on the international stage.

Adam Milne (New Zealand)

Adam Milne is a fast bowler with limited right arm overload from New Zealand, he’s a regular with deliveries hovering around 139km / h, but his average performance is a blur of what he can do in his prime. And the team that fully learned it was the Asian nation of Bangladesh when in 2017, during the Champions Trophy, Milne launched a speed of 147.7 km / h to be the seventh fastest bowler in the world among the current group of players. international Hailed a long-term outlook for the Black Caps on their debut, Milne is definitely a phenomenon of reputation.

Liam Plunkett (England)

A key part of the England team that secured the 2019 ODI World Cup For the first time in history, Liam Plunkett is another English name on our list of the world’s fastest bowlers, even while still a rookie. In its international career spanning a decade and a half, Plunkett has consistently delivered a 137 km / h speed in its deliveries even as its fastest delivery on record was a phenomenal speed of 147.3 kph it achieved in 2017 against South Africa in a Twenty match twenty .