Narendra Modi Stadium: the largest stadium in the world

Narendra Modi Stadium

Until not long agone, the largest colosseum in the world in terms of capacity was the Rungrado May Day Stadium in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. But it has been refashioned and has lost capacity. In addition, there’s another Asian colosseum that has also experienced workshop, but to expand it, so now the largest colosseum in the world is this last bone, which I’m going to talk to you about this Thursday the Narendra Modi Stadium.

Official name: Narendra Modi Stadium.

Location: Motera, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Capacity: 132,000 spectators

Year of inauguration: 1983.

Owner: Gujarat Cricket Association.

Further effects You formerly know the passion of the Indians for justice, and also that it’s the country that’s steadily advancing towards being the most vibrant on the earth. With these two constituents, the largest sports colosseum on Earth couldn’t be in another country and be devoted to another sport.

Located in the megacity of Ahmedabad( in the Gujarat colosseum, in the west of the country), the original colosseum dates back to 1983. It was named after Sardar Patel, at that time India’s Minister of the Interior. It had an original capacity of,000 observers.

After a major addition in 2006, last time it was torn down to be raised again from scrape, albeit converted into a huge monster with a capacity for,000 observers. Although it was renamed Biker Cricket Stadium, after the area where it’s located, in February this time it was renamed in honor of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, who hails from Gujarat and was the driving force behind the addition when he was the chief minister of state. The total cost of the addition was 110 million bones
and was carried out by the Danish establishment Larsen & Troubo.

In addition to the pitch itself, the colosseum is home to an Olympic- size swimming pool, squash, badminton and tennis courts, a cinema and three driving ranges, among others.

The colosseum hosts transnational matches for the Indian public platoon and has played host to three justice World Mugs. But the event that for now has brought together further people has not been sports. It was a rally on February 25, 2020, called Namaste Trump, in which the also chairman of the United States, Donald Trump, shared, together with his Indian counterpart, and which brought together some 125,000 people.