RCB vs CSK: Ravindra Jadeja unfairly ruled out? Michael Hussey’s resounding verdict on off-road field obstruction

Ravindra Jadeja and Mike Hussey

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) batting coach Michael Hussey has reacted to the controversial incident involving the dismissal of Ravindra Jadeja for obstructing the field during his team’s crucial IPL 2024 match against Rajasthan Royals (RR) at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on May 12.

Michael Hussey stressed that he had only briefly reviewed the incident during the game, but admitted that Jadeja attempted to turn away, which could be seen as altering his angle. However, CSK’s batting coach insisted that Jadeja did not try to change direction while he was running.

He acknowledged that there were arguments on both sides of the issue and that the referee had to make a decision based on the rules. Giving his verdict on the controversy, Hussey said that perhaps it was a fair decision, but he was not sure and reiterated that Jadeja did not change direction.

Michael Hussey reacts to Ravindra Jadeja’s controversial dismissal

In a dramatic turn of events, CSK star all-rounder Jadeja was dropped for obstructing the field during the defending champions’ 5-wicket win over RR in the hosts’ must-win IPL 2024 clash in Chennai on Sunday. The incident occurred during CSK’s 16th innings when Jadeja, batting at the non-striker’s end, was hit by a shot from RR captain Sanju Samson, who was trying to get him out.

After reviewing the replays, the third umpire declared that Jadeja had intentionally changed his running path to protect the stumps after seeing the direction of the ball. The result was that the CSK all-rounder appeared on the big screen, much to the surprise of both Jadeja and the CSK fans.

Mike Hussey said in the post-match presentation: “Well, I only had time to take a quick look at him during the game. I didn’t look at it closely. He tried to turn around, so I guess that’s changing the angle. But he didn’t try to change angles as he ran backwards. I can see both sides of the story.

I can see a story where he had to turn around so he changed his angle a bit. But she didn’t try to change direction as she ran back. I can understand it, the referee has made his decision. The rule says you can’t change direction. Maybe it was a fair decision. I’m not sure.”

Ravindra Jadeja was also involved in such incident against SRH

Meanwhile, Ravindra Jadeja’s field obstruction against RR is not the only case this season as the Indian all-rounder found himself in a similar situation in a previous IPL 2024 match against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in Hyderabad.

SRH seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s shot hit him on the back as Jadeja tried to return to his crease. However, SRH captain Pat Cummins opted not to appeal against the CSK star as he was not performing well with the bat.

However, Jadeja’s wicket did not significantly affect the outcome of the game as CSK managed 142 runs with 5 wickets and 10 balls to spare to keep their IPL 2024 playoff hopes alive. But this result dealt a heavy blow to RR’s aspiration to return to the top of the classification. CSK will play their last league match against RCB on May 18.