See: Maruf Mridha gives a tough farewell to Aravelly Avanish at the 2024 U19 World Cup

Harsh Send-off from Maruf Mridha to Aravelly Avanish 

Bangladesh U19 pacer Maruf Mridha gave a tough farewell to Indian batsman Aravelly Avanish. The ongoing ICC U19 World Cup match between the teams will take place at the Mangaung Oval in Bloemfontein.

India U19 batted first and had a decent outing. Adarsh ​​Singh played a great innings at the top and finished with 76 innings. However, after getting out, Aravelly Avanish tried to get going and played some decent shots in his innings.

But Aravelly Avanish couldn’t convert the opening he got and died early after scoring 23 runs. He contacted Maruf Mridha who did not go easy on him after eliminating him. The bowler gave a fiery farewell to the batsman after he sent him packing.

Maruf Mridha bowled a fuller and wider delivery which Aravelly Avanish backed away from while trying to carve it inside out for extra cover. The ball missed the center of the bat and went square. The man who was under cover sat down below to pick it up.

When Maruf Mridha removed the Aravelly Avanish, the pacer dismissed him and muttered something. The umpire also interrupted and spoke to the bowler and the Bangladesh captain.

Here is the video:

Notably, Aravelly Avanish had taken six bites of the ball before getting out. The pacer took perfect revenge and sent the batsman packing. The left-hander played a decent cameo for the team and finished with 23 innings off 17 balls. He batted with a strike rate of over 135 and also hit 1 four and 1 six in his innings.

After his innings, Sachin Das (26*) also played a cameo role which propelled India to a total of 251 runs. Captain Uday Saharan also played a great innings and finished with 64 runs. For Bangladesh, Maruf Mridha picked 5 wickets.

In recent months, he has really become a wicket-taker: Bangladesh batting coach on Maruf Mridha.

Bangladesh batting coach Stuart Law lavished high praise on pacer Maruf Mridha for his heroics. He said the pacer has become the wicket-taker in a short period of time. He added that the fast bowler deserved a fifty for the hard work he has put in. He explained:

“Over the last few months, he has really developed into a wicket-taking player. At first, he was struggling a little with the pace of him, but he worked closely with the bowling coach and they got him running hard and now he is reaping the rewards. He is very good with death, a well-deserved fiftieth for him. The wicket doesn’t change much. 250, fast outfield, flat terrain, it won’t be easy, we have to play well to get there.”

Stuart Law further backed his players to pursue the goal and said they need good partnerships. He added:

“The hitters have shown that they are capable of doing it (chasing totals). If we stick to our process and our game plans, it tends to work better for us. We just need a couple of good partnerships and we have the firepower to pursue it,” he concluded.