Watch: Azam Khan puts on weight again in shame; this time by the American Steven Taylor in front of 30,000 fans

Azam Khan and Steven Taylor (Credits: X)

United States leadoff hitter Steven Taylor directed a questionable gesture toward Azam Khan during the co-hosts’ clash against Pakistan on June 6 in Texas.

The match, which took place at the Grand Prairie Stadium, was one of the most impactful in the history of the ICC T20 World Cups. The United States, participating in a T20 World Cup for the first time, defeated 2009 champions Pakistan in spectacular fashion.

The result of this match was not decided in the regular time of the game in innings and the game went to the Super Overs.

Since Pakistan was a much more reputed and experienced team, they were expected to handle their nerves better and win. However, fate had something else planned for them as those 12 crucial balls went in favor of the United States. After Mohammad Amir lost 18 runs in Pakistan’s bowling innings, the batsmen accumulated as many as 13 runs and lost by 5 runs.

This was perhaps the biggest setback the Pakistani team could have ever faced and the defeat underlined how poor Pakistani cricket has become. But even before the result was determined, a moment from the game that was initially missed has gone viral. As mentioned earlier, it includes American Steven Taylor and powerful middle-order batsman Azam Khan.

What gesture did Steven Taylor make towards Azam Khan?

It was the 13th over of the first innings in Texas and Azam Khan was on his way to enter the crease and replace Shadab Khan, who was dismissed for 40.

As Azam Khan approached the centre, he was seen doing the usual stretchers to warm up and stabilize the Pakistan ship. The Men in Green were 4 wickets away from 98 runs when Azam entered the crease. But while he was on his way, United States opening batsman Steven Taylor taunted the middle-order batsman at the back.

The American batsman was first seen looking towards his teammate, trying to draw his attention towards Azam Khan’s warm-up drills. A few seconds later, Steven Taylor mocked Azam with a questionable gesture, which is now going viral all over social media platform: X.

Steven Taylor’s gesture is quite difficult to explain but his message was quite evident. He or she tried to convey that “Azam Khan is going to defeat the US bowlers.” or “Azam is going out quickly today.” The second thought, also called a prophecy, seems to be the message Taylor wanted to express to his teammate.

Because? Because Azam Khan came out on the first ball he faced. Noshtush with left arm off the spinner kenjige claimed the 25-year-old’s wicket with an easy leg-before wicket attempt that looked perfect at first glance.

Azam Khan’s golden duck against the United States that day was the batsman’s fourth duck overall in T20 cricket and second on the trot.

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