Maxwell on Mayank: It’s not often you see someone of his pace

Maxwell on Mayank: It's not often you see someone of his pace

Glenn Maxwell has described Mayank Yadav’s pace as “quite formidable” and believes the speeds he produced were equivalent to former Australian quick Shaun Tait in his prime.

Mayank’s impressive performance earned him his second consecutive player of the match award and sent shockwaves through Australia as he bounced off Maxwell and castled Cameron Green with two deliveries over 150 km/h.

Speaking on ESPN’s Around the Wicket, Maxwell said he had paid close attention to Mayank while watching LSG’s previous match against Punjab Kings, but nothing could prepare him for the reality.

“I thought it was really impressive,” Maxwell said. “He rushed against some of the Punjab batsmen and I certainly did a bit of homework before facing him. But it’s nothing to do your homework against someone until you actually see it go out of your hand and you have to try to pick the ball up.” . length.

“He bowled me the first one, which was just a high bounce and the wicket we’ve been producing in [Bengaluru] It’s been a bit of a two-pace and was a bit slower than I thought. And I said, oh, that wasn’t so bad.

“And then the next one was a hard length and it was skating probably faster than I thought it was going to be and as you saw, I went to pull thinking I had picked up the length really well and before you know it, it’s on you, hitting the shoulder of the bat and rises into the air.

“He’s got a real extra pace that you don’t see much in world cricket at the moment. You see guys bowling quite consistently around 140.” [kph] or 140 high. But having around 150 consistently in your arsenal is pretty formidable.”

Maxwell said the closest comparison he could make in terms of pace was with Tait, who he faced in Australian domestic cricket in the second half of his career.

“It’s such a beautiful, gentle action,” Maxwell said. “He [Mayank] It glided through the crease very well. I think pacing-wise, the only one I can really resemble is a little bit like Shaun Tait when he was at his peak.

“I think when he was at the peak of his powers it was extremely difficult to lift the extra zipper that feels like it’s off the wicket. I think that’s as close as you can probably get.”

Maxwell admitted that he and RCB had not started well after losing three of their first four matches. Maxwell has bowled impressively but has scores of 0, 3, 28 and 0. He said RCB’s overseas batsmen in particular were having trouble adjusting to some unexpected surfaces in Bengaluru in particular.

“It’s obviously not been a great start for us and me individually,” Maxwell said. “It’s been a bit difficult. I think we’ve probably fallen a bit behind with our conditions that we’ve probably produced in the first home games as well.

“I think last year we had a lovely even wicket where we were able to, I guess, get into the game, get our best batsmen going and I felt like those two-pace wickets have been a bit difficult for us. The foreign players can to get into the game and get that kind of consistency in performance. And when you start off slow in T20 cricket, it can be difficult to come back and find the rhythm to get back into it. So, hopefully, this little journey will help us do something good. “